Evolution Is The Truth, Not The Bible!

i believe in evolution before anything else. darwin, newton, einstein.... they had the truth in their hands not the religious freaks.

its volontary mental/psychological diminution.

science is what whe should follow, not some book written 2000 years ago.
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The crunch is your Scientism or Radical Positivism is too parochial and small-minded a theory of knowledge. After all, on this view there is nothing good or evil, right or wrong, beautiful or ugly. But is it tenable to think that scientific truth is the only truth there is? That no aesthetic, moral, metaphysical or otherwise putative truths exist?

On this view there’s nothing wrong with raping a little girl to death. Why should we accept such a conclusion simply because of an epistemological constraint? Isn’t this a signal that you need to open up the ambit of your theory so as to assimilate other categories of truth?

Withal, science is suffused with suppositions that cannot be scientifically substantiated, so that an epistemology of radical positivism abrogates science itself. For instance, the principle of induction cannot be scientifically justified. Trying to provide a good inductive argument for radical positivism is hopeless, since it must presuppose the validity of inductive reasoning.

Even more fatal is that radical positivism is self-refuting. At its heart, this pernicious philosophy tells us that we should not accept any proposition that cannot be scientifically proven. But what about that very premise? It cannot itself be scientifically tested much less corroborated. Therefore we should not believe it. Your Radical Positivism thus asphyxiates itself.

Now, since it appears only that which can be scientifically tested and validated is of true import to you, it’s readily apparent why you are unable to prize truth based purely on reason or a priori evidence. Noetically speaking, your philosophy makes for very exiguous and insalubrious pabulum for it deprives you of all the richness aesthetic, moral and metaphysical truths provide. The tragic result? It dehumanizes you making you less able to empathize and cherish your fellowman.

Demonstrably, then, your contention with and distaste for the notion of God’s existence is not evidentiary but philosophical. It is your philosophy - and only your philosophy - that occludes you from knowing your Creator’s truths.

Nevertheless, the day you choose to open up the confines of your epistemology of truth is the day the bounteous ken of God will finally be within your grasp. Then you’ll finally realize, with great shock and deep regret, that you’ve been needlessly depriving yourself all this time of truly stunning, inspiriting truths.

darkraya, so you believe in evolution. The "randomness" of live, no Great designer, no purpose, no God. No design? and yet, something so complex but simple like the computer you type on has a design, every little part in it has a purpose. What makes you think that something like a human doesnt? It doesnt matter if you dont believe in God D, He believes in you. Have a blessed Monday!!!

true love is religion(read above), to mediate maybe is a way to gather those energies(love) ,and maybe observing with no conflict is a way to give back that energy(love)to all human beings!?<br />
religion(egyptian/greek) the gathering of all energies


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