I Don't Believe In God. I Believe In Goddess. Kinda.

I never believed in god in the first place, thank goodness. I remember picking apart the faulty logic when I was no older than six or seven - "But Mommy, if god made everything, who made god?". I remember declaring as far back as second grade that no, I do not believe in god.
When I was fifteen, I started to realize the implications of my atheism, and got intensely serious about being an atheist and arguing out the case for atheism. I also became a self-pronounced secularist, and insisted on not taking part in any kind of religious activity, on not letting religion leak into my language. This was an escalating habit that only ended around when I turned eighteen.
I'm much more laid back about my atheism now. At some point, atheism became so logically obvious and indisputable to me, that the whole Big Question, "Is There a God?" became Really Boring. At the same time, I started getting interested in different kinds of belief systems. Somewhere along the line I realized that Discordianism is a belief-framework that I'm actually comfortable in, and I also realized that beneath all the five tons of flax, some real pearls of wisdom might be hiding. So in a strange, still-kinda-atheist way, I'll be ending this one with a Hail Eris, Hail Eris, Hail Eris, Hail Eris, Hail Eris!
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Meh, I wrote this story over two years ago, and only came in because of the email notifying me of lig's reply. Frankly, I'm busy and really not looking for new communities these days, nor do I have any need to try to explain my irreligion to anybody anyway. If you're curious, I'd recommend reading the Wikipedia entry on Discordianism, it does a relatively good job of describing what it's about (and is how I originally came in touch with the concept.)<br />
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Anyway, thanks for your reply, and good luck with that fundie problem, :)

Thanks for the warning, I guess. Calling on the authority of moldy old books written by desert people and generally deluded ancients isn't going to convince me, and the rest of your arguments aren't particularly sound logic anyway... Not that you care.<br />
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The one thing you are right about is that the workings of the universe are beyond us. This is something I accept. Still, looks like god is only there if you're looking for them.<br />
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Enjoy your life. I'll go on enjoying mine (your implied threats of terrific violent judgement notwithstanding.)

who is eris?! who made eris? ok now to the question who made god. god always existed. you are trying to understand god with the brain of an ant. because that is what we are compared to god. he is so limitless that we can never understand. god never had to be made. a wrist watch did not just make it'self there had to be a creator. we did not just fall together either. the book of genesis states that god created the world and everything in it. god said there is enough evidence through the things he has made that on judgement day men will be withought excuse! i have warned you.

I believe Cat created everything and humans were made in the likeness of something found in Cat's sandbox and when we die and if we are good we go to Boodocky, but if we are bad we go to New Mexico. I know this is true because Nibs said so.