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When i read God Delusion,a book by Richard Dawkins i was shocked, utterly shocked!! Born a christian, raised a christian and going through christian schools had brain washed me. Now i know through the different books i have read(a number of them) about the non existence of a god that religion was man created, the way facebook was, the way google was... etc
So i stopped believing in a god 'up' there watching everything i do, and funnily not just me but everyone in the world, ready to pounce at the slightest mistake i make- utter nonsense.
God is an illusion created due to man's fears, but if we stop living in fear and live our lives to the fullest every day without worrying about a punisher of sorts, we won't die regretting the number of times we had to put our tails between our legs.
I have read a lot of books illustrating the true identity of Jesus, books explaining the worshipping of very many gods(who in fact are imaginary) and now convinced that every man/ woman should live their lives as their own gods(masters). THINK ABOUT IT.
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I'm an atheist. I've always been antheist.why believe in anything without any proof of it.

Your position is tenable only if the universe came from nothing, by nothing for nothing. You don't really believe everything just "poofed" into existence now, do you?

Youre' right about the theists not understanding natural selection or evolution. They are all obsessed with the kindergarden ideology that man descended from the apes. We didn't but it is a useful tool in trying to present a complicated thesis to young minds. Of course it is not as effective as telling them there's a mystical person up above who loves them and will grant them anythign they wish if the say their prayers and more importantly then go to bed. Anyone come to the conclusion that as a way of controlling kids religion and its in herent risk reward mechanism is hard to beat.

Thanks for your testimony. It is people like you who show that atheist writers actually have a significant effect in people. I just read "The Looser Letters" a parody of new Atheism and I was amused to find that the author has no working understanding of the way natural selection works nor about memes. She, the author,complains about how atheism is nonsensical, but she has clearly not read or at least understood the arguments that she attacks. It is sad. One of the most central parts of her argument was that there are not many "converts" to atheism. Well, she is wrong, and your story shows that. There are many people turning away from superstition and embracing reason. Keep it up :)

Who worte the Bible do you think?

Men wrote it. Men who wanted to understand their world, so they made up stories and gods.

Then based on what you believe about the Bible, wouldn't that also apply to the men who wrote all of the books you are putting your ultimate trust in for understanding that aren't the Bible?

After all, the man who wrote The God Delusion, Mr. Richard Dawkins is quoted as having said THIS-

"Evolution has been observed. It's just that it hasn't been observed while it's happening."

LaynePCP, i would rather believe a book written by a person still living than a book supposedly written 1000s of years ago, & would rather believe something i can question. For evolution(u a talking about macro evolution), it takes a lot of years to happen, so macro evolution cannot be observed while happening

good one

So then when the author's of the books you read now, who are alive currently, die one day, their words will no longer be good???? How does that work with the United States Constitution when all of the writers are dead? Does that invalidate the Constitution????

Just because two books were written by men does not mean that they have an equally compelling content. The Bible does not seem to accurately reflect the nature of reality. But if you read "The Selfish Gene" you will learn a great deal about life, evolution and the nature of selection pressures all around the cosmos. It is its content what makes it different, not its author. If we were to find this book in a library 2000 years old, it would still be equally compelling. Go ahead and read "The God Delusion" and you will see that it makes a lot of sense.

No, teh author makes a BIG difference when it is men writing as divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit.....the question always begs to be asked my friend.....who did the selecting in natural selection? Creations don't create themselves. Everything cannot come from nothing.

Buddy, that is the mystery we are all trying to understand, otherwise even belief in a god doesn't answer anything, it is blind faith. If you are of the view that god did all this and nothing else, why don't we question the origin of that god? huh, I always think if peeps are not open to new ideas they will never embrace them. Why don't you try reading God Delusion, Self Gene and try to be open to the ideas and there you may find a more logical answer.

I don't have blind faith my friend. Many of us true christians were not born with a bible in our hands or indoctrinated, but had an encounter with the Living God in our lives while not seeking Him, I being one of them.....I know God is real because of the amazing change He effected in me....Let me say that I was pretty indulgent and carfefree in my sins a few years back and never would have been reaching out to people everyday for Christ as I am now.....I KNOW by experience.....if you keep seeking the Richard Dawkins and Charles Darwins of the world, you will never know God because rejection brings more and more darkness in understanding and being able to see. I am quite confident in My Lord and Savior, not because I am guessing blindly, but because of my experiences.

i understand you more than you may think given am a born christian myself but i started questioning my faith in 2009, am now 20 years and the main thing that made me doubt was what they call predestination, how does someone understand predestination deeply without doubting, as in God knows our end from the beginning??? it didnt make sense to me how God can know who goes to heaven & who goes to hell even before i die. Put it this way, may be he knew i would become atheist and end up in hell 1000s of years ago!!! So does God condemn people to hell?? a merciful God??? i get more confused each day to an extent that once a bible boy, i now consider the bible weird(locked up somewhere). If you can help me, i'll be grateful

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