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When I was in high school, I was an over achiever. My freshman year, I was given a list of books to read before college. On this list it said "a good portion of the bible, for the purpose of Theology/ Philosophy classes" ... so I read the entire thing. Up until that point, I did not know a lot about religion. I just knew that my family was christian and I was half Jewish by blood. Upon reading the bible I realized that I did not believe it. This made me sad. I wanted to believe in something, so I did a lot of research into several religions. I never found one that I believed. Then I read "On Cloven Hoof" by Anton Levay. That is when I realized that not only did I not believe in god, but I had no need to believe. I think I am a much stronger person for not believing in a god. It makes me responsible for me, and it makes me hold others responsible for their actions. There is no god in the sky or devil in Hell to take the blame. Just us humans, and our falliable nature.... or our individual greatness.... 
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Thank you! I completely Agree... and do you recommend reading "On Cloven Hoof" ?

I do, although I no longer consider myself a Satanist.

I Googled "On Cloven Hoof" because I hadn't read it and was curious, but anyway, I know you said you had researched some religions and weren't really impressed (for lack of better word), but I was wondering what you thought, if anything, about Wicca

I think it is BS, for the most part, but it is one of the least harmful of all religions... so... I'd rather someone be Wiccan than Christian... but I do not believe in it and I think it is BS like all religions...

I dont think that beleiving in God makes a person fail to hold themselves & others responsible for their actions... if anything the opposite. The bible is pretty strong on the whole do good not evil thing. Yes, some Christians out there blame everything bad on 'the devil made me do it'. But thats a big cop out. Just becuase i put a gun in your hand, doesnt mean you have to pull the trigger. So how does being aethiest change that?

That does not sound like the Christian faith that I know and despise... I know what the bible says ... I read it 2x... but A: the bible says to do some things that are evil in my opinion and B: no one who is christian (that I know) follows the bible... being an atheist or Laveyan Satanist changes that because there is no god or devil to blame... I hear a lot of christians say "oh, that was the devil in me..."

Then, no offence to them, but you must know some pretty rubbish christians. Unless "the devil in me" is a local colloquialism that I dont know (I live in Australia, so its always possible)..???
Basically, whats written in the bible IS the Christian faith. What you see people living out / saying / etc is often their failed attempt (and sometimes they weren't really trying very hard, so take that with a grain of salt) at living out whats in the bible. But the bible is a pretty harsh judge of people's actions and character, thats why I think its more likely to hold people accountable than aethism where everyone can make up their own rules. The bible says that God will hold a person accountable not just for murdering a man, but also those who hate a man (because even though they didn't act on it, they were carrying around murder in their hearts), and hold them accountable not just for adultery, but also for lusting after another mans wife. Thats a pretty high standard. God doesn't just care if you DO the sin, he doesn't even want you to WANT to do it! And Christians are supposed to pull each other up if they see someone doing something wrong.
So i guess, if Gods standards are high, and if christians are supposed to try to live up to them and hold each other accountable to them, then I would think that any people really living the up to the bible would DEFINATELY be holding themselves and other people responsible for their actions. God will certainly hold us all accountable, so it seems foolish to pretend like we're all perfect in the meantime.
No, I dont know any christians who live by the bible either. But i know quite a few who try their darndest. Its pretty hard! And Christians, like everyone, are human and make mistakes. Although, that completely doesnt excuse the ones who dont really try.
(It says this about them: "But if a righteous person turns from their righteousness and commits sin and does the same detestable things the wicked person does, will they live? None of the righteous things that person has done will be remembered. Because of the unfaithfulness they are guilty of and because of the sins they have committed, they will die." It also says "their foly will be clear to everyone", which it certainly is. I find it sad that people call themselves Christians, but dont follow what God says, and go around giving God a bad name!
Out of curiosity, What does the bible say that you think is evil...??

OK, while I respect your right to believe, and perhaps you are not one of the hypocrite christians, but I do not really care. Even if you follow the bible you do it because you think you have to in order to go to heaven. I do not put you in the same category as someone who just does it because they believe it is the right thing to do and has no fear of HELL, because they believe it to be fictional... I'm sorry, but you're version of "personal responsibility" is not the same as mine... end of story...

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm not afraid of hell either. Jesus covered that one on the cross, so I dont have any worries there (just gotta beleive and repent, so I'm sorted on that front).
I try to do the right thing because it is the right thing. Because I love God and he's and incredibly smart guy (!!) and he knows whats right, for me and for the rest of humanity.
Also, just to throw another curve ball, isn't it possible that most non-christians (and some christians too!) do things not because they know them to be "right" but because they want others to think they're a good person? and to avoid having a sense of nagging guilt later on...? We're pretty selfish creatures by default, so mostly if we look hard enough, we find that everyone tends to be motivated by whats best for numero uno. Taking personal responsibility and doing whats right is no different to just doing the dishes. As humans we tend to do whats best for me, and forget the rest of the world.
Of course, if you dont agree with me, thats a choice you're free to make. I just wanted to stretch your range of vision a little bit and see that there's another way to look at the Chirstian take on things too.

I do not do things to "look good"... and if that is why you, or others, do things... then I feel sorry for you... as for your statement that you do not fear hell, I do not believe you... as a christian you are supposed to fear hell... there are hell worthy sins, depending on your denomination... I have nothing against christians, but i hate christianity... I hate all religions...

I wasn't trying to imply that YOU do things to look good, just that it isn't a virtue of aethiests in general to do whats right just for right's sake, that many of them are probably more concerned with whats in it for them. No personal attack intended!
As for not being afraid of hell, I'm perfectly serious. The bible says that I have nothing to fear so why would I beleive the rest of the bible and not beleive that? (if you dont beleive me, look up 1 John 2:25, and 1 John 5:13, they say that its is something that I can "know" because God has "promised" it). Yes, absolutely there are hell-worthy sins, but thats why Jesus died - to take them away! He would hardly have been a perfect and complete sacrifice if he had made a way for forgiveness of sins, EXCEPT sins A, B and C, would he? God is a little more thorough than that!
Its not that I do whats right because I'm afraid of God and want to go to heaven. Its more that I love God and want him to be proud of me when I get to heaven.
Anyway, you are clearly set in your mindset that Christianity is some terrible plague on the world, which is a real shame because it couldn't be further from the truth. But if you are determined to think that, then so be it.

You must not know many atheist ... which is typical of most Christians i know... and even if you do it so that god is proud, you still don't do it because you think it is right... you were told it was right and want god to approve - it's not the same... and yes, i do think that of christianity, and of all religions... it's historically proven ... more people die due to religion than anything else... heard of a little thing called the crusades? or the holocaust? genocide? religion caused those things...

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I think some things said in the Bible are well thought out ^^

then why are you posting in this group?

I agree with what you have said.

you think the bible is well though out? I do not... I am not a christian and I think the bible si a tool of mind control, like every other holy book...

hmmmm, some parts of it have been thought through with the intent to create a society or community in which the inhabitants co-exist peacefully with each other.
In that light, I don't see it as 'bad' but rather misguided or alternative way of having a peaceful society.

there is nothing "peaceful" about the bible or religion in general... at least not the Judeo-Christian triad of Judaism, Christiantity, or Islam (Muslim)

How so?
I was a Christian for the majority of my life and the time I spent with other Christians was focused more so on having a good, peaceful, friendly time in the name of the lord god.
How might it not be peaceful?

There are people who are peaceful, but the bible is full of violence, mostly in the old testament... The Judeo-Christian triad is responsible for a lot of war, and a lot of death...People are peaceful, but religion is not... I do not hate believers, but I hate religion... and I am no longer debating this with you, as I have come to believe that you are not being truthful about not believing in God. Ok? So please stay off my story post.

Very well, have it your way.

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I think reading the bible will make most atheistic.