It Seems Ridiculous To Do So

wow I could write for hours on this one.  First off if there is a God like the bible suggests, the all powerful all knowing God, then he can go **** himself.  I am a social worker and I see too much pain and suffering inflicted on children and on everyone for that matter.  I know the whole no good without evil argument but I feel it's ridiculious to suggests an all powerfull God could not make it happen.  I'm sorry but the whole thing to me just seems like an instrument for social control, which isn't neccesarily a bad thing its just that I think we have done enough scientific research and are educated enough in this day and age not to run around believing in a boogyman in the sky. 

I'm not completely against the idea that there may be a God, just as you cannot prove there is one I cannot prove there isn't.  I am aware of that and I accept it.  What I get really angry about is the Catholic God.  With all his contradictions.  I refuse to accept a God who would punish me based on the sins of my grandfather.  I refuse to accept a God who would punish me for not believing in him...after all we are truly a product of our environment.  A child born to satanist's isn't going to grow up worshiping the lord jesus as his personal saviour and send in his paycheck to all the evanglists on TV.  Is it his fault?  What about a child who is brought into the world by rapists and drug addicts and is raised in a hell most can't even imagine.  Is he going to become the next president?  More likely he will continue the cycle of violence that he was born into and raised in.  And this poor soul will burn in hell. 

I don't know I have a lot more reasons for not believing in God but the main one is simple common sense.  I'm sure the cavemen who wrote the bible firmly believed that a higher power was angry with them when they heard the thunder booming during a rainstorm however we have better explanations nowadays.  And the bible is just a collection of stories that were passed down hundreds of years before they were recorded as God's word.  Go read the story of Gilgamesh....hundreds of years older than the bible and yet strikingly similar to stories found within the bible.  I feel people are free to believe what they want to and I know the bible and religion bring comfort to a lot of people.  I find comfort with tangible things, my kids, my new dvd player.  I believe when I die that is it so I need to make the most of this life. 

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Consider the following:

(1) If God does not exist, objective moral values and duties do not exist.
(2) Evil exists.
(3) Therefore, objective moral values and duties do exist.
(4) Therefore, God exists.
(5) Therefore, God is the locus of all objective moral values and duties.

In other words, as Dostoevsky once mused, "If there is no God, everything is permitted."

First of all Mister, God is not a boogyman, OK. Second, God NEVER promised that bad things wouldn't happen, EVER. He olny promised that he would be there when they do. He only lets bad things happen to test and streignthen you for what will come. God works in mysterious ways. Read the Bible or talk to someone. I think they can help you :)

proving God exists is very easy if you accept the science<br />
<br />
there is no effect without a cause.<br />
if the cause is outside of this reality it must be super natural <br />
so there must be a God<br />
read my story "undeniable proof that God exists, who is this God?"<br />
for the full explanation and please i beg you debunk it with provable science and i'll concede.<br />
<br />
the terrible things you see in your line of work is also very easy to understand. we call it free will. the exact thing you cherish, to make up your own mind that God is a ***** the same freedoms you treasure so are the same freedoms you wish to deny another man? because his doing are evil in your eyes? good doesn't need evil to exist that BS. evil is an earthly concept bound by our physical reality. it is a by product of this free will. but its created by the evil doer not the person who gave you the free will to do it. <br />
<br />
blaming God for the terrible things that happen to children is like blaming planes for 9 11 or einstein for hiroshima.

you feeble mind. things outside this universe obviously is not bound by the same laws of time space and matter! come on!!!!
when you call it a CAUSE it's scientific when i name that cause GOD it's religion? come on! your being willingly ignorant my friend. in greek that means, stupid on purpose. GOD gave a gift of free will. meaning you are responsible for your own actions. If you live in your parents house you live by your parents rules. you live in God's house so unfortunately you are under his rules. you do not have to believ it. FACT REMAINS. cause has effect. the effect of this universe had to be caused by a CAUSE outside of it! that my ignorant friend is science. saying anything to the contrary is a fairytale. EVERY ACTION HAS A REACTION! this universe is a reaction to a action. your Soul will have a reaction to it's action that my friend is science, not religion. finding out who to worship is religion. the fact that there is someone to worship is science.

Same thing as a cult, brain washing bs to control people, yes i agree if there is a god, go **** yourself. I was taught heaven and hell is what you make of your life , while you are on this earth. being a good person and helping others is what makes me feel good, not praying for the answers, are you kidding me. self talk or talking with others who you can see and believe in is where miracles come from. We can't control alot of what happens in life, and neither can some stupid great being no one can see or has any proof existes.

Skeptics claim that the flood narrative of Genesis1 is a rewritten version of an original myth, The Epic of Gilgamesh, produced by the Sumerians. The flood of the Epic of Gilgamesh is contained on Tablet XI2 of twelve large stone tablets that date to around 650 B.C. These tablets are obviously not originals, since fragments of the flood story have been found on tablets that date to 2,000 B.C. It is likely that the story itself originated much before that, since the Sumerian cuneiform writing has been estimated to go as far back as 3,300 B.C. The dating of Genesis is uncertain, since the preservation of papyri is not nearly as good as that of stone. Liberal scholars place the date between 1,500 and 500 B.C., although the events are claimed to have occurred several thousand years earlier. As for pain and suffering, God never claimed in the bible that the world would be perfect, he called it "good", Second, if God had created the universe with no possibility of evil or sin, then the created beings would have had no free will, and this would be counter productive to God since in the first two chapters he claimed the reason for creation of the universe and human beings was to have a relationship with them and not only that he wanted them to have the free will to have a relationship with him. As of all the evil in the world and especially the evil you have experienced, I don't understand why there is so much evil in the world. There are many theories and I have studied sociology for years and I have multiple degrees and I can tell you that human beings are very capable of doing real evil either because of social factors, genetics, or how they was raised, the reasons are endless but, I believe that many things considered evil can be used for spiritual growth. The Bible says that trials in our lives produce perseverance, which helps make us mature and complete.19 These trials also increase our faith - a "refining by fire."20 The Bible tells us that "all things to work together for good to those who love God." I am not going to tell you what to believe, you seem like a very intelligent person. I was just putting my two cents in but I really hope you put a lot more thought into it all.

i hate to tell you this but before the BIG BANG there was nothing and then there was something,something from nothing, as for GOD, i myself don't believe,but i understand that some people have a need to believe in something bigger then they are.I am not one to go crushing someone's beliefs,in fact i would be the first come to anyones rescue if someone's faith was being attacked(Muslim,Christian,or anything else.People do bad things not religion,people just use it as a stop gap"God said so"

Yeah. that's a lot easier for me to comprehend. I can't get my mind around the thought that there was nothing, and then there were atoms. they would have to be self creating. They would then be "God". How could that happen? <br />
We see matter around us, and it all has a beginning, doesn't it? It builds on itself. I've never seen a rock appear out of nothing. I don't even know what nothing would look like. If there was always something, it seems like it would have to be different than what we can see.<br />
But yeah, its a lot easier for me to believe in a pre-existent spirit than it is to believe in pre-existent stars and rocks. i don't know of any evidence that would open the possibility to that.

Circular argument but em where did god and all the angels come from? If they were "always there" that makes less sense than grasping and exploring physics that can offer tangible explanations thus far and push us to continue research and explorations to find the answers! Not just say "we can explain it so it must be god" that happened with thunder and primitive man. God and religion stops us asking questions, pushing ourselves and opening our minds- ironic your name's curtn 'cos it looks like your mental curtains are tightly closed! Peace.

do I understand that it is easier for you to comprehend an intelligent creature as having no begining but not a bunch of stars and rocks, planets and asteroids? By the way, in the context of quantum phyisics there does not have to be a begining.

Well, something had to not be started. It makes more sense to me that it was something beyond our understanding. I can't even comprehend how something can just BE. but obviously, something had to be. If not God, then what?

'On the other could everything we see come from nothing? Something has to be eternal'<br />
Thats a bit of a jump dont you think, I mean I can understand that you dont comprehend life the universe and everything, but to then assume that it must have a start and yet a god does not?? Where is the logic?

i could never believe that another being existed on Mars; but an invisible, omnipresent conscious being that is responsible for the existence of THAT is completely logical.<br />
<br />
On the other could everything we see come from nothing? Something has to be eternal. there is no logical/scientific explanation of where matter came from, so we have to just accept that something or someone is eternal. something or someone simply IS. Why not God? It makes more sense to me than believeing that matter simply IS. What do you think?

kudos...whoever tells me that there is a god when children in Liberia are forced to shoot their families and friends, drugged, and conscripted by rebel soldiers in order to engage in warfare at the age of 8 can go **** themselves. that is, unless you believe in a supreme conscious being that creates the world and then just watches with a bag of popcorn. <br />
<br />
people then respond that 'that is not god's role'...i think these people think of pain as the passing of a loved one or a bad breakup. how about genocide, infanticide, mass rapes, thousands of years of subjugation of women or certain areas of the world. what is the point of letting that happen? if you believe that, for whatever reason, a god's role is not to intervene in these matters, the whole concept of faith seems moot since there is no point in having faith in something that only affects the past (as in the creation of everything).<br />
<br />
but then again, people have faith in what WILL happen. so these child soldiers and their slaughtered families can look forward to heaven. why wouldn't a god just let them skip this whole 'on earth' part? and if there is a god that is responsible for creating this entire universe, what is there to gain from it/he/she making it/him/herself completely unknown to anyone. i mean, if i were (a) god(s), would i really get a kick from seeing who does and who doesn't believe in me...would it interest me to see wars being started over the question of my existence? i mean, wouldn't a benevolent god chime in and say 'no need for this crusade business; see, i'm right here...the real mccoy.' <br />
<br />
but i feel disappointed in myself in even addressing the issues of 'why would a god function in this way or another?' when the 'how' can only be answered by rejecting everything we consider to constitute reality. we see tv shows: bending spoons with your mind, levetating, life on other planets, scientology. i could never believe that another being existed on Mars; but an invisible, omnipresent conscious being that is responsible for the existence of THAT is completely logical.<br />
<br />
the fact that people are so skeptical about these other phenomena indicates to me that most individuals are rational, yet also relatively easily indoctrinated. we are not raised and told to read books about blind faith in UFO's....or we'd be having a very different discussion. so, johnwad3, i'm with you.