I don't think any knowledge of religion qualifies anyone to believe or disbelieve god. If you do, you do...for your own reasons. If you don't, then the same, although probably for much more sensible reasons.

I do not allow for any possibility of a deity short of an explainable being or force that has resulted from and explainable series of events. For me its that simple.

In my experience religious people don’t want to challenge their beliefs, preferring to take pride from their ‘faith’, to me the highest virtue is challenging what you know, any less is ignorant and basically…boring.

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All part of the greater legend relating to the glowing green monkeys.

Well there is some truth in that, I'm a returning Catholic and I have to say some christians are a little shall we say bull headed about the faction there with without much thought to (for example) if it's actually in the bible, the includes me as well.

Hehe, the Banana decided it was time to die...and so I have absorbed its holy nutrients…it was the right time, yay I do believe there was no other time as right as it was right then…that was the right time for my banana to make it’s greatest sacrifice, I trust it knew that…I trust and know, the sacrifice is the most important part of that bananas existence. <br />
You probably know of a few other inanimate ob<x>jects you could trust just the same. It’s so easy! Pick an ob<x>ject, trust that it has unmeasurable power and that it knows what’s best for you and voila! There’s your new deity, it’s the driving force behind every good and bad thing…for example: the banana knew I would have to return to Subway a second time because I forgot my wallet, if I had not forgotten my wallet, it is very likely I would not have purchased the banana…and in that case I might have missed out on its holy favour…thank Banana it has the power to influence my day so as I would forget my wallet and therefore come into the bananas radiant yellow.<br />
So now it joins the other invisible deities, amongst invisible pink unicorns, spaghetti monsters and a kettle…there is my holy banana, praise all your kilojoules (you the banana). <br />
<br />
This’ll be my last post today (I suspect) unless the banana has other plans for me.

Yes you win (from your point of view :) ), and there is plenty of fun to be had with banter. It would be nice to have that moment of Ah-huh, to feel like there was a sensible reason for being here or for being at all…I’m holding out for the next big name in physics to come up with a theory of everything, something basic we can all reference as the reason for the chaos…I hope that theory comes along in my lifetime…or I hope we master immortality (simulated neurons or physical cloning/wonder-medicine…I don’t mind, I just want my thoughts to live on)…I hope a lot of things.<br />
I don’t know, I could say more but it’s easiest to just admit that if there is a god…he certainly hasn’t given me any reason to believe in him more then the magical banana on my desk (the banana that I have unknowingly had over my shoulder all through life…the magical banana that knows what’s best for me as long as I trust it.)<br />
Thanks for the break-time stimulation, now back to boring broadband training for a few hours.

Didn't Buddha or someone say "It is not the deed, but the doer"? I think that religion is a complex result of hundreds and thousands of years of trying to control our lacuna (inner space). I get tired of arguing about whether god is real or not, but personally, I think that if I am wrong and I am going to hell for anything, I would rather go to the place where things are dealt with more openly and honestly than in heaven. Good discussion, guys.

I agree, it's a case of 'what’s your version of things?'...<br />
I think we have similar ideas, I will humour any idea long enough to see how it fits into my belief systems, so when a religious person approaches me on the street I apply what they say to my fr<x>ame of reference and see if it fits…if it doesn’t then either I am wrong or they are, but that doesn’t mean either of us will walk away having changed our minds (likely the opposite).... And I am a very respectful person (although I might not come across as such in my moments of heated typing) I respect all people for their unique viewpoint, and have long ago given up hope of ever having a stable opinion about anything...there are too many different ways to look at things...and we are only human as you say...only an arrangement of atoms arranged into a conscious individual for a finite amount of all I can do is try to make sense of the entropy around me, and all humans are united under that common confusion (that’s what I believe right now anyway).<br />
In the end, if the truth comes from your unique point of view(version of things), then you’re always right…as long as you believe…and it’s entirely up to you wether you want to challenge those notions or not.<br />
<br />
Again, I have gone off track, circling ideas…confusing myself as to what I was trying to say in the first place, probably not a satisfying response.

Sorry Celainn, I wasn't arguing...I guess I was in a bla bla bla mood where I feel like circling the same idea a few times, I’m not in the same fr<x>ame of mind, but I suppose I was trying to say that religious people should not be given any more respect then scientists or theorists, but that’s my opinion...hence what I I’m not sure, is it infringing on someone else’s beliefs if you encourage them to explore other options? But yes, that IS what we ARE doing.

I've been trying to find that soft ground between blind belief and searching for truth, have met some people with very differing opinions. I don't think they are under such stress and adversity, the statistics speak for themselves.<br />
<br /><br />
In the English speaking western world it is the atheists who are speaking out against majority opinion, be it agnostic or religious.<br />
Agnostic leaves open the possibility of some deity, and I was agnostic for a long time, until I realised that the likelihood of any god was as likely as that of any non-existent thing. <br />
So it's just as possible that god is watching over my shoulder, as it is possible that my computer is run by an inner demon. <br />
<br />
I could say I am agnostic...therefore leaving every possibility open...but then how could I ever hold an opinion on anything?<br />
Many people have believed in the face of adversity, In some ways I agree that it is virtuous (remembering scientists of old persecuted for their beliefs) but in many other's it is not. <br />
Belief shouldn't mean ignoring perfectly sound theories, evolution makes you think...<br />
At least supply the churches with New Scientist. Science is what makes me grateful and happy to be alive, and it’s a thousand times more interesting then the creation stories etc.<br />
<br />
And I do respect people, I try to respect all people regardless of faith, for that reason I think faithful people's idea's should be under as much scrutiny as anyone else's. Politics are the best example, people are always arguing the complexities of politics...but most of the time religion remains Taboo...Why? Is the religious persons view more deserving of respect then mine? Shouldn't we be able to talk about our different beliefs and why we believe we're right.<br />
Equal rights for everyone's opinion.