Yea God Said Do Not Judge ! (right) But the Bible Also Say's Iif U See Your Bother Sin a Sin Till Death,,,warn Him of the Wrath of God Is Coming !!!

I'm not a person that does or will pass judgement on any 1... your right the god i serve tells us that we should not judge others... it also tells us if we see our brother sin a sin till death warn him of the wrath of god is coming the bible also tells us that we will get forgivesness for all sin,,, exepect blaspheme against the holy ghost  and when people talk bad about god thay are talking against the holy ghost..people can call me what ever thay want doesn't hurt me a bit cause i have JESUS on my side. and if anyone wants to know if the saying is true about sinning against the holy ghost well read Mark 3:29 it will tell you that. also the only reason i decided to write somthing about this story,,,,I DONT BELIEVE IN GOD,is the fact that god is coming again and every word that a man of women say's will stand befor him someday and i dont want anyone to burn in the lake of fire that is waiting on them. the only reason i wrote a responding story, i sent this person a inst message telling them that i was sorry if i upset that person.. being a christan that i am i did the right thing.. i will not say that i'm sorry for shareing the trueth..but i will say this that i'm sorry to sound so harsh about this.. i just wanna see all go to heaven someday and i dont want anyone to burn in the lake of fire. GOD IS REAL AND I HOPE AND PRAY THAT HE WILL SHOW HIMSELF TO ALL. GET THERE ATTION LORD I PRAY IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME....AMEN


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OMG! can u believe this crap. Just this morning I listened to a radio show posing a question "should religion have a place in financial regulation" One of the respondents fell back on the old line that fear of God would be a stronger deterrent to wrong doing than the financial services agencies. Maybe so, but they have to die for this to work and in the meantime the entire economy will be bankrupt. Also why do Christians who purport to love everyone always resort to threats of enternal fire and pain.

This kind of crap is just disturbing to me on multiple levels. Good luck on this life path you have chosen.

forgive me for quoting Kyle, on south park, but "Really"

The holy ghost is silly and made up! See you in Hell

If your faith is based on nothing more then your fear of punishment by the all loving god, then your faith is as nonexistant as your god

Christianity. One of the biggest, oldest, and creepiest cults on Earth.

For those that do not believe in God, I have one thing to say... Scripture says that, "Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord."... Considered yourself warned of this truth for your blood is not on my hands!<BR>I stand with you choosenoone2003 in agreement, and God tells us that my word will not come back to me void... Consider it done!

Seriously ?