I'm a Bit of An Odd Card On This One...

I'm probably one of the few people I know that say this, and I haven't read other stories yet because I like to start fresh, but I think it's strange that although I don't believe in any god, it's the one thing I've always wished I could.
    If I had my choice, it probably wouldn't be Christianity, but there are certainly some things I'd like answered, and really certain things I think only a deity could answer, some things that are just beyond human comprehension or explanation.
    I've always wanted to think that someone had a plan for me, that somebody other than me was responsible for the course of my life, that someone cared.
    Unfortunately, no matter how much I would've liked, no matter how much I prayed, no matter how many services I went to, I couldn't believe. I couldn't reconcile my rational mind with the irrational thought. I've never ever been a fan of organized religion, and I thought that was my problem, but even once I got past that I learned something about myself: no matter how much I'd like to, I don't and can't believe in God, or gods, or anything else.
    I believe in personal and individual accountability. I believe in the goodness of the human spirit, whatever the source of that may be, and in the essence of a soul.
    I believe religion is good for people, but that people are bad for religion.
    Like the parent of a friend of mine said (and this religion is only used for the sake of example and I believe it to be true in every walk of faith) "The only thing wrong with Islam is the Muslims."   
    All I have left to believe in is myself and I think it is the strongest bet I can place at the moment.
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A bit of an odd card? No you're not such a thing. Trusting a non existing entity, speaking in its name and peddling around your delusion would be.<br />
<br />
[All I have left to believe in is myself and I think it is the strongest bet I can place at the moment. ]

Karma Fred, <br />
I forgot to congratulate you on your open-mindedness and respect for all religions. People like you are becoming lesser each day as more people becomes hardened by the war around us.<br />
God have Mercy!

Peace...<br />
findpeaceinislam, <br />
Don't worry so much. Believers must share the message of God with others, but they don't have to force people to convert. God doesn't require that even from the Prophet(read Chap. Abasa, Koran)<br />
"And our duty is only to convey plainly" (Ya Sin,17)<br />
Faith comes from God only to those He will. Many people submitted to God (ie. become Muslims) at the time of the Prophet, but the Prophet declared that faith (iman) did not enter their hearts even though they were outwardly Muslims. He did not punish them.<br />
We must work on ourselves first and foremost.<br />
I pray that God will give faith to all of us, those who question and seek answers for the thirst of Him. The fruit of faith is BLISS.

As I said elsewhere, that is a good thing. I sell questions, questions get people seeking answers...Atheism leads to more questions because it blocks out the blanket answers, Atheism encourages logical thought.<br />
No, I do not think these things just pop up…Evolution physics and time slowly, painstakingly and imperfectly sculpted nothing into something.<br />
Before I try Islam, perhaps you should try Catholicism…I hear it’s very catchy. Please, findpeaceinislam, start asking some decent questions, I mean seriously, get us thinking…because you haven’t yet.

o.k<br />
then why dont you try islam<br />
i know you are going to think NO.<br />
but why not?<br />
i will tell you all you need to know, and then try it for a week, then make your choice,<br />
surley, deep down you know that these beutiful things around us didnt just pop up?<br />
when you think about atheism you see a huge gap, surley all belifes are fully explained<br />
here is the gap in atheisim<br />
basicly this is darwins theory, twoo chemical particals floating through atmosphere the meet, thus life begins. however if that was how life began then how come there was already life, i.e the chemicals, what created those?<br />
i think you see that atheisim just leads to more qstns

Nicely put, Ditto<br />
I think it must be inevitable that if you are going to be an atheist or have atheistic tendencies, then you will. Some people have a hole that needs filling, or a gap in their knowledge that can be stopped up with a huge unlikely plug. Those people will always believe or have passion for something like that.<br />
<br />
I too have wondered what its like to see god all around you, I think it would have a huge impact on thought patterns and reasoning…but that’s guessing. I’ve asked Christians what having god in their lives does for them and received different answers.<br />
The best religion is personal, the ultimate is atheism and living for oneself.