There Is More Proof Of Santa Claus Or The Easter Bunny Than There Is Of God.

Like most I have had the religious background where everything was related as a "fact" & the retribution for doubting or at the very least questioning the validity of some pretty imagination stretching concepts , was to be cast into the fiery depths of hell. As an adult I got over the fears of retribution & let my minds weigh up the arguements for & against the existence of a God......over many years I went from believeing to saying "maybe" to being absolutely sure there in fact was no God.I have never been surer of anything. I believe there may be spirits, there may be reincarnation,there may be UFO's,there may be a Bigfoot,there may be a Loch Ness Monster there may be many many things that are still not explained......but there IS NO GOD. All the above things mentioned have some sort of evidence to give a case for their existance... except for God.........there is no evidence for the existence of God despite the riduculous rethoric you will get from the brainwashed believers when asked for a shred of evidence.
For someone who created a universe God of late has been pretty lazy.....I think I will create a universe in 6 days & then for the next 650million years I will do nothing......or if you believe the bible 6,000 what is he doing?........just answer that one question out of hundreds of others & I may go back to saying "maybe"........I really can't see that happening soon.
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2 Responses Nov 25, 2012

Small problem:

1. Claims made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.
2. You claim God absolutely does not exist.
3. You have limited and incomplete knowledge
4. It's possible God exists outside your knowledge.
5. Therefore you can 'believe' God does not exist, but cannot prove it.
6. Therefore your claim can be summarily dismissed for lack of evidence.

Why I myself do not know if I believe in God or not (I am agnostic and open to the possibility), I do not approve of stories like this. Slandering someone's faith is no way to go about talking about your views on religion. If people want to believe, good for them. Your opinion is no more valid then a believer's.