I Really Believe In God

He is real you should understand read the holy quran and be a muslim if you want to go to a nice paradise not a very hot fire just try to be muslim and read the quran :)
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Every phenomenon has a reason. For example we see that the leaves of a tree are shaking, we search for the reason and we understand that the wind is the reason………or someone dies (it is a phenomenon or better to say an event) we search for the reason and we understand that a sickness or something else is the reason. It is the same for everything, I mean everything has a reason

Now the question is this: What’s the reason of this whole world?

It's God,isn't it?

Have you ever looked at a simple pen? It has some different parts that someone or something has made and connected them together in a specific order so it works.Look at yourself and its order!Look at the world and its order! They are much complex than a pen, aren’t they?

There should be someone who has created and put them in a special order.Who could have created them except God?
Some people say Bing Bang or evolution or…..
Maybe they are right but who has created that core which has exploded or better to say who has created the explosion or the place of it? Planets has really placed in an exact place Have they really done that by themselves? Or maybe everything has completed in an evolution but who has created the first thing? Has the evolution happened by itself? Everything has really a specific rule. Has the evolution put the specific rule in the creation by itself? I don’t think so……

Simple question: how do you know? Without reference to what you've read in a book or what somebody has told you (both those sources are fallible), what leads you to believe that any of that is in fact true?

anyone who isnt a muslim is going to hell? why would i want to live in heaven with such a jackass of a god anyway?