Let Me Tell You Something

all you atheists out there let me tell you something, i respect your views, but you have 2 wake up to your selves

i am muslim, and i have never had a question wich i cant anwser, in my faith there is an awnser to any thing.

so i ask you, give islam a fair chance, email me at fidpeaceinislam@hotmail.co.uk and we can talk about any thing,

i will tell you of mirecles that have made people convert to islam, famous people who gave islam a chance and accepted it,

and pictures of the word allah [god in arrabic] written in the sea, ect.

plz give it a chance


findpeaceinislam findpeaceinislam
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religion is bs

I see why reforming islam won't be a piece of cake. [you atheists let me tell you something, i respect your views, but you have 2 wake up to your selves (...) i am muslim, and i have never had a question wich i cant anwser, in my faith there is an awnser to any thing. ... atheisim belives that to gasses were floating through nothingness then they met and began life, however if that was so then how come there was life before ie, the gasses.]

I completely respect your beliefs as well.<br />
Please understand, then, that it is possible to be a good person without belief in a god. <br />
If believing in God was all it took to be good, then we wouldn't have the Christian crusades, September 11nth, or the inquisition, would we?<br />
<br />
To be good, one only has to respect life. Sometimes not believing in some angry father like figure in the sky even helps this along.<br />
<br />
I would say more, but I feel as though I'm talking to a brick wall anyways.

yes, even Jesus, the islamic prophet said that we shouldn't worry about the future or the past, right? the "grass will clothe itself", right, and "let the dead bury the dead"-so, in my opinion, you are worrying about the wrong thing...and if your cognitive dissonance about how life began is your basis for believeing in islam, or any religion, then your worshipping is empty. I think that the universe goes against the laws of our known physics, for all we know. I think we began, evolved, grew, out of anxieties, drives, visions we didn't understand then. Our organic birth is far less important than our spiritual birth...and like Jesus said, spiritual people are like the wind...and the wind always changes, but if left alone will operate in harmony with the other elements...but if there is too much humidity, or electricity, the wind manifests differently in a storm. Right now, humankind is in an emotional, selfish storm. <br />
Sorry, but your question just isn't important.

Atheism embraces questions, and raises more...perhaps the point to living is questioning and seeking answers. Not settling upon a nice truth just because it is nice.<br />
It’s heartening to get support from others; it helps me see that I am not the crazy one amongst millions of sane people…<br />
Findpeaceinislam, you didn’t answer any of my questions, you began your comment with a question and followed with another. Will you now answer my atheist viewpoint with questions, while not asking any really big ones yourself?<br />
As for the origin of life, atheism(which to me means ‘logically orientated’) does not have a set theory, just a multitude of possibilities that are no doubt more likely then a great amazing god appearing from thin air (Or having lived through endless eternity) and decided, suddenly, that he might create life. There is no evidence for god. There is plenty of evidence for your own theory (Gases haven’t been fingered as the primordial origin so far as I know, but it is certainly more likely then God) even though it is unlikely that Gases were where the first life began…It is still more likely then an all-powerful guiding force… do you see? It’s better to allow many possibilities that might be, then it is make up one that could be but for which there is nothing evidentiary. <br />
I might say that my invisible dinosaur created life, who’s to tell me I am wrong? I’ll tell myself. I’m happy with the many possibilities that feed my imagination with many likely but no doubt incorrect versions of our universe.<br />
You don’t need answers, you only think you do.<br />
Anyway…I go on and on about this, I need to find a way to make money from it. THE CHURCH OF ATHIESTIC THOUGHT…maybe…<br />
***I have to say, you asked us to question you, and yet your answer is a bit of a disappointment...***

o.k<br />
but i belive that all belifes including atheism should be fully explainded right?<br />
then how do you explain this<br />
atheisim belives that to gasses were floating through nothingness then they met and began life, however if that was so then how come there was life before ie, the gasses.<br />
i guess atheisim just comes down to more qstns

Messianism is a virus. No one can save us but ourselves. Period. And we know how to do it and we don't need dogma (Religion) to keep screwing it up for us. You are the one who is being fooled, and, I am sorry. I will always hate islam because it is even crueler to women than Christianity was...in fact, in most muslim countries, it still is. The religion hasn't progressed past the 13 century,or 14th-whatever. If you want to be muslim, fine, but accept that radicals have turned your religion into terrorism, not peace. Take care, and I hope you realize one day how fooled you actually are. Smebro, excellent commentery. I like the way you think.

Don't worry; I followed the clues to figure out your secret email address.

***Emailed as well***<br />
<br />
Hmmm, firstly let me bring your attention to our common hypocrisy, so that you can see I am a logical man. You think that because you have found your god, that you are right. I think that because I have found (and observed the evidence of) my science, that I am right. So from the beginning we are both on shaky ground. I am pretty sure I will never be able to illustrate the fundamental elements of evolution that raise the intelligent atheists consciousness, and I am almost certain that your god is not going to come down from the heavens and tell me that you’re right or provide me with any evidence that even suggests you’re right.<br />
<br />
So what could I say to rise to your challenge? Should I read your precious Koran? I will not, because to me the Koran is as valid as homers odyssey (a historical text), and I haven’t read that yet so I won’t be reading yours. But it isn’t surprising that you find comfort in a book, I love to read, and sometimes I get so lost in a work of fiction that its elements become real to me. Should I ‘give Islam a chance’? No, because Islam is as valid to me as any other religion that presumes itself correct in a world of thousands of religions. Answer me this, why don’t you give Buddhism a chance? Why don’t you give Catholicism a chance? Why don’t you worship Mago-Mago of the African Nitzau and see if you can give him a chance? I will pre-empt your answer, I suspect you are thinking <br />
<br />
“But I feel that I am right, and they are wrong because this is what I know to be true in my heart”<br />
<br />
Well Hello? Why can’t we hold that same opinion? I believe in a different reality to you, I believe in a world where science does it’s best to explain reality’s magnificence, I believe that every day the human race is advancing towards magnificence. <br />
The future will be the logical mans domain, those that choose to answer questions with warm-blankets will suffer for their ignorance. Hows that for a biblical prophecy? <br />
<br />
Believe me; none of us logical folk think we know it all; in fact we relish the fact that we know nothing for certain. Sciences best feature is its ability to provide many different yet equally plausible answers for the questions we naturally ask(and back them up with evidence). We do not claim that science provides every answer, but we do promise that it will try. Centuries of trying have produced amazing results, I am in awe of what we (think we) know, and amazed by the possibilities of what we don’t know. Why do you have to go and make up some big guy in the sky? How can he be an answer when he’s a big question himself?<br />
<br />
If your god made us (and how lucky you would be if it was yours in particular) then what made him? How could he be the most amazing thing in the universe…and be able to answer every question himself? That’s easy, he’s not, and He does not exist. You cannot answer a question with God; god is the biggest question of all. <br />
And finally, there is as much evidence for your god as there is for all the other gods, so leave those of us alone who don’t believe in any god at all, you won’t fool us. Go talk to an Anglican and argue your different sides…you’ll be unhappy, why don’t you admit that you aren’t planning to question your belief? I will admit that I am always questioning mine.<br />
In the end, I like not knowing all the answers.