Chosenone2003 Blocked Me? Am I a Monster?

So I was going to respond to their original post, because I seem to be on a rampage at the moment, and what did I find? I cannot comment or even view their profile. Did I destroy their world? Or are they just a little scared of answering my questions? Hmmm, whatever it is, I am surprised that someone who was trying so hard to convert us to their way of thinking is unwilling to allow correspondence that might alter theirs. So if you (whoever you are reading this) cares, below is what I would have put after the last comment by exorcist.  



Sometimes there are plenty of believable explanations, that’s where the acceptance is needed. "True intelligence is knowing when to accept that there is no answer to a question." I agree, but plenty wouldn't. I hope that there is a shift in society towards realising that we all have different strategies for dealing with life, and for some people they need answers NOW and even if the answer is very very unlikely, they still need it. Some people are able to see this, some aren’t, and we all end up disagreeing on something.

As well as parent’s pleasent lies, it’s also the religious respect that helps propagate the ignorance. Why don’t people question religious people about their opinions like we question people about politics? I don’t give them any more respect then they deserve, in my opinion they deserve as much as a schizophrenic,(I haven’t met a schizo , but if I did I’d…) ask what their version of things is, and then ask the questions about the contradictions, if they can’t see to reasoning, I’d give up. (or suggest medication)

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If you were blocked it's because you're dangerous to his beliefs. It's a compliment, really. As for me, I'd like to flag people in more nuanced ways than "blocking". Surely there is some elbow room for tags like "Cool", "Uncool", "Proselitizer" or "Red Alert"? [Chosenone2003 Blocked Me? Am I a Monster?]

um..i dont believe in religion but i dont see how you arguing with someone to explain why they feel happier after speaking to someone(real or not) is helping anyone Accept anyone.<br />
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you've only added to the problem.<br />
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and if someone reccomended thier religion for you maybe its because your so uptight about this. i would reccomend thinking on a daily basis about things and relaxing and walking barefoot while eating fruit and writing poetry;yet a jewish man would probobly reccoment judaism to you. <br />
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"True intelligence is knowing when to accept that there is no answer to a question"<br />
that doesnt mean anything its pure bullshit that someone wrote because it sounded philisophical. trust me i do that all the time :-P anyone can accept the fact there is no answer to whether god is real or not(except you of course) but are you asking someone to not believe in something because you think its unreal?? thats so highschool drama like. people causing others to back down from what they love because someone else doesnt like it. <br />
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and to your last comment--scientists are only priests of a different religion.

Diana, does that mean free will to imagine a god for yourself as well? Which is essentially what you seem to be suggesting with your simple statement... I'll ask your white board as well.

But with free will, how would a child born away from civilisation have any idea of God at all? Shouldn't god be held responsible for those he leaves out of his wicked light?

I saw a documentary about the yeti, just because the scientists had a reasonable hypothesis for the Yeti’s existence, does not mean they’ve proven that the yeti exists. If there was really a viable alternative that would blow evolution out of the water, then why has it not been published? Why haven’t we heard about it? I really am curious as to how evolution can be so right, and yet be so wrong, but I am not curious enough to seek out this information because I could find subjective theories elsewhere, like and there I could view opinion stated as unquestionable fact. Thing is, evolution is a pretty much undeniable theory, there are plenty of areas where scientists fight every day to find new knowledge to augment the little we have discovered (and fill the countless gaps in our knowledge), but basically that’s it. I’m eagerly await your proof to the contrary, but I would suspect that if what you were referencing would be either an alternate hypothesis (That still makes sense in conjunction with evolution) or a very dubious documentary (much like the one I saw about the yeti). Don’t get me wrong, I would beam with respect if you’re right and they have a very possible alterative to our Genetic codes self-serving need to replicate and mutate…so please don’t send me searching for the scorching evidence, show me <br />
And I know you are not associated with the church, but you share many beliefs right? Maybe I misinterpreted what you said. How was Darwin trying to explain god? What was he trying to explain that involved the existence of god? And please let me know what modern experiments are illustrating Darwin’s glaringly obvious ignorance? I just want something tangible to look at after all the references you made in your last post.<br />
Please, if you want to question my personal beliefs on evolution, go ahead, simply ask and I will do my best to answer.<br />
If you don't believe in the idea of the church, where does your god come from?

i saw it on the science channel and read up on it on the net. beyond that, look up the science channel's website and search their documentaries. there's one there. i'm not saying they were without a doubt correct. as you said, a theory can neither be proven or disproven - well actually it can but theory in and of itself is elusive and can divert on so many plains that there's nothing truly conclusive about it. as i've stated several times - i have NOTHING to do with the church nor any of the people who attend them - any of them. and you're right - the church will do a LOT of things with the long dead scientists work (all of them) to gratify themselves, advance their own agenda, etc. it's disgusting and probably the first reason i have nothing to do with them - they're con-artists!

Explain away god, what’s to explain? And sorry, which scientists have recently proven the theory wrong (Which is an oxymoron of course, to prove a theory wrong would be impossible).<br />
Explore it, I do, and I am well aware of the churches attempts to turn Darwin into a religious man, vain self-gratifying attempts to turn many of the greatest atheists of all time into god-fearing men. So which, might I ask, god did Darwin believe in? Was it yours by any chance? I would presume that if Iraq had a scientific figure such as Darwin, there would be theologians debating wether that figure had believed in Allah. It’s all the same to me; we’re arguing about something that is infinitely unlikely to exist without explanation.<br />
Regardless of the fact that the pressure in times gone by was more intense, people felt they had no choice but to believe in a God, I think that it is useless for the church to try and convert long dead scientists into religiously motivated people. Will the church use those scientists work as evidence of Gods greatness? Of course they will, and yet they will turn away from equally valid theories and information provided by other sources. <br />
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Oh, and please do provide a place where I can see the glaringly obvious proof that evolution is false, I am so exited to see this amazing news.

smebro - you've commented on a couple of my stories as if i'm your enemy simply because i choose to believe in God. let it go, dude! i'm not trying to 'save' you. i don't believe humans have that capability and i'm certainly not trying to convert you. that would be a waste of my time. until your comments i was completely unaware of your existence. my life is no better nor any worse since you entered it. i believe that we all need to let go of idealism (there's no such thing) and leave each other alone. i, like you, do NOT believe in religion. NOR do i believe in the modern church. i do, however, believe in God. and on the theory of evolution ... scientists have recently proven this theory as false. darwin tried desperately to explain away God and it simply cannot be done. here again, i am not trying to convince you nor do i wish to get into a debate about my beliefs or yours. study up on it and you'll find darwin's ignorance glaringly obvious with the modern experiments that have been completed.

I agree 100 percent. Way to go for standing up to the bullshit that some others try to pull and think that it is acceptable to try and convert or belittle others for thier beliefs.

There’s nothing wrong with that, I don't lay down the law that someone must agree with me. I was simply illustrating their unwillingness to have a sensible conversation about this topic. They have blocked me for questioning them on something they assume to be right about. We can all agree to disagree, as long as they don’t come over preaching about Islam or god and how right they are. If they have the right to do that, preferably in calm and rational wording, then so do I. <br />
This is why I spent a good hour bitching within the “I believe in god” forum. My words are harmless and meant only to instigate internal thought and reflection. In the end I am calm and I hope believers are also.<br />
Of course I am a hypocrite also, but this is unavoidable. Religion is one of the few things I sternly disagree with so I am always glad to voice my opinion (as are they to ‘save’ people).

Why can't people be OK with that fact that someone doesn't agree with you? <br />
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If she wants to believe in God, go for it. If you don't, OK. There isn't a reason to get worked up over it. <br />
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lol, but what do I know. :P