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Response to Kimosabi, created new story for formatting reasons. I don’t want to read a story sized comment in an ugly text block; I guess no-one else does either. I’m looking for a good reason why Atheists should leave religious alone, so if you have something to add, feel free.


Origonal response to my story ‘Choosenone2003 blocked me, am I a monster?’:

Kimosabi said:

um..i dont believe in religion but i dont see how you arguing with someone to explain why they feel happier after speaking to someone(real or not) is helping anyone Accept anyone. you've only added to the problem. and if someone reccomended thier religion for you maybe its because your so uptight about this. i would reccomend thinking on a daily basis about things and relaxing and walking barefoot while eating fruit and writing poetry;yet a jewish man would probobly reccoment judaism to you. "True intelligence is knowing when to accept that there is no answer to a question" that doesnt mean anything its pure bullshit that someone wrote because it sounded philisophical. trust me i do that all the time :-P anyone can accept the fact there is no answer to whether god is real or not(except you of course) but are you asking someone to not believe in something because you think its unreal?? thats so highschool drama like. people causing others to back down from what they love because someone else doesnt like it. and to your last comment--scientists are only priests of a different religion.


And I say:

Kimosabi, thankyou, rather then telling me to look for god in my life you are telling me to stop bothering others who are looking. I can explain my point of view on religion and would appreciate some constructive criticism.

Firstly, choosenone2003 decided to come into the ‘I am an Atheist' forum and leave their hopeless message, how it is so sad that we are so foolish to miss the ‘truth’, and that we would be ‘judged’, I hadn’t even noticed the religious dominance on here up till that point. Have you read the story they put here? I will not blame you if you did not, its easy to assume that I have simply gone of on a tangent in trying to be in the right here. I’m not trying to be right; I’m trying to get people thinking.

Another thing, not yet an argument (Or even a discussion)…they came here, told us their point of view, and then blocked me before I could share mine, who is that helping? They may have recommended their religion, great! Because to me religion is just a way of seeing the world, and I have my way of seeing the world, so I will also recommend this… Because I take the personal stance that religion is no more sacred then politics, I am likely to question their view to the point of nit-picking, not that I need to, religious argument are pretty flimsy (Any disagreements?).

Perhaps I am uptight about this, it really makes me hopeless to imagine the potential of the human mind being wasted on fantasy worlds and fantastic ideas like ‘god’ and ‘eternity’ and ‘omnipotent’…It really is sad, or am I missing something, are some people more likely to believe in things like that? Or do some people never truly search for truth, instead settling on a safe comfortable ‘truth’. Once upon a time I read up on psychics and paranormal happenings, I went to chapel and I practiced Wicca, I did all this before I turned 18. I was searching, looking for truth, eventually I found it… science.

So I am on my own quest, as well as ‘arguing’ with them, I am always trying to understand why they are able to suspend their belief, and what effect this unique outlook gives them. Is there any advantage to being religious? No, this site confirms for me that religious people are as unhappy as the rest of us; they just believe their unhappiness is for a reason, while I believe its chaos. I have posed questions to many others, and met some very interesting people, religious and otherwise, some I agree with, other’s I don’t, but with most I can find common ground after hashing out our views. I believe in accepting the inevitability that someone can only change their mind themselves, so eventually you have to leave theological arguments with a ‘we live in different universes’, hoping that we have shared enough of our view to help each other understand the other side.

As for walking barefoot with fruit…um, okay, not my cup of tea in my small city apartment, but I do have my own ways to relax my tense mind, I write and read often, I engage in personal arts like abstract sketching. I am not defunct in the relaxing region as you seem to be suggesting. Am I wrong that you are saying that religion is a way of relaxing? Or is it way to meditate? I’m not sure what you meant by you suggestion…but I can let you know that I cam not ‘lacking’ anything, I am as real a person as you or choosenone2003, I am not deficit because I phooey religion. Read my blog and you will see that to an atheist the world is a very interesting place with countless questions.

“True intelligence is accepting that there is no answer to a question”

Ah, no. Otherwise we are all making stuff up and pretending it’s true, and that seems pretty silly to me, I would say :

“True intelligence is knowing when to accept many probable answers to a question, rather then stubbornly accepting just one, and then being prepared to be wrong in the end”

I am not saying there is no god, and I appreciate that you have not actually read my other stories or blog (There is a lot to trawl through) I do accept the possibility of a God, but not a god that is as unlikely as something else that does not exist. I have an imaginary dinosaur that follows me around, I have god that follows me around; that’s the difference? There is no evidence for either, except anecdotal.

*** Quote: anyone can accept the fact there is no answer to whether god is real or not(except you of course)***

Okay, I’ll forgive you just this once for your sweeping generalisation, but do it again and it might ruin your whole argument. Like if I came on and said “I don’t care what you say, they are all stupid no matter what you say”, that would be pretty unfair.

I am asking someone to consider the fact they might be wrong, that just maybe the answer does not lie in stubborn adherence to pagan rituals, but that the real joy in life lies in living it. I’m sorry if that seems high-school-drama-like, but can you deny that religious people give themselves the right to believe the unbelievable? Do you think that a group of delusional people are healthy for a modern society? In the long run, will religious people contribute as much to this side of eternity if they are so focussed on what they imagine to be on the other side? Human society is such a messy thing, we really need to lose our delusions, stop pretending, focus on what the evidence tells us and try to change our environment to ensure a long lasting human species. I have a passion to express my view, just as choosenone2003 does; we both believe we are doing right, so why not both have our say? Should I keep my mouth shut when they come here to convert us? Nope, I did the same, I went over there to let them know that atheists are not morally deficient deviants, and that there are some pretty darn good reasons for basing your actions on evidence rather then dogmatic belief.

People causing others to back down because they don’t believe? No, I never ‘caused’ anything so far as I know; do you know something I don’t? Is choosenone now an atheist?

And as for scientists as priests, I agree in some regards, there are plenty of examples in science where a scientist has fought stubbornly for a theory that is eventually proven wrong or impossible. If scientists are priests, than I rejoice in their name! Because they are priests from all over the world that are finding truth without the need of a specific religion or imagined deity. They come into their ‘faith’ or ‘priesthood’ without any need of a church or family guidance towards a specific faith, these are the people who see that the real human power lies in asking questions and seeking answers, not stubbornly adhering or altering the ancient answers. They have a following, which is the people who have that same desire but not enough time to seek those answers themselves, and they have their methods. So in some regards, sure, scientists are priests of a different kind, they give us reason to rejoice in what amazing things we can learn about our vast universe, to celebrate almost-certainties whenever they come, and to speculate on many possible answers. I would rather be in a religion that lets me pick the theory that seems most plausible, while at the same time accepting that there are many other theories vying for the same truth. But science is not a religion, and to call scientists priests is a cheap shot at making a point, disagree?

So anyway, enjoyed the chance to try and explain why religion bugs me so much, I hope you will continue to discuss this with me.


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Oh Marji, how would we learn how other people viewed the world unless we could exchange ideas like this?<br />
It's the never ending story I hope to keep going.

No worries, I do the same sometimes, go off and then later regret it, You wouldn't have to look far for an example of this, recently I had to write a big apology because I had gone too far in a response to a Christian story, that’s why I like this site, we may not always agree, but at least we might try and understand.<br />
Anyway, I enjoy the chance to challenge my thoughts, you gave me the motivation to elaborate on my reasons and some have changed because of that. Personal development. <br />
Hey, if anyone wants to add to this story, please do, give me a really good reason to give religion some more respect perhaps? If I can find a reason to respect religious people for being religious, then maybe I would let them be and stop trying to question their faith.

hmm.. well after reading this i dont dislike you as i did after reading what you wrote before. it was late and alot of my comment was written while i was very tired, but most of it i meant. sorry for leaving such a huge *** comment before :)