Let me draw some parallels here.  Tell me if I'm out of line.

Parallel #1.

A:  Hitler says there will be a master race.  Everyone else (jews, gays, etc) will get sent to a concentration camp.

B.  God says Christians are his chosen people.  All jews, gays, buddhists, etc, get sent to hell.

Parallel #2

A.  Kings have absolute power over their subjects.  The people have no authority

B.  God sits on the throne.  Gets pissed.  Sends people to hell.


Parallel #3

A.  In fascism, there is no individuality.  Communist Russia has dress codes to keep people from expressing their indivuality.

B.  In heaven, everyone wears white robes as described in Revelations

Parallel #4

A.  Leaders considered to have supernatural authority over people as in Hitler, Koresh, whatever.

B.  Jesus Christ is the son of God.  Ergo, wars, bigotry, and religious right.

Parallel #5

A.  In fascism, the population is docile and unquestioning.

B.  The relationship between Jesus and his disciples is often described as a shephered and his sheep.  SHEEP?  Is that a compliment?  Nope.  Shallow follower.

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Parallel #6

A. In fascism, a one party rule is established. All people who politically oppose the fascist style of government are killed by the state.

B. In Christianity, all who politically oppose God and his teachings/ moral code are tortured perpetually at God's will.

vagabondwind, i found your angle on this debate very interesting. and being a non believer myself, i thank anyone who brings another aspect of skeptism to the table. i think this is a good example of how flawed christianity is.<br />
<br />
abbie, theres no problem with believing in god, just as theres no problem with not believing in god. we express our feelings in our stories and comments, i dont think anyone ever actually intends to offend. but when people disagree, they tend to argue.

I believe in God....<br />
Is there a problem with that?

Thanks for the laugh :) Well, I wasn't really laughing. Christians and muslims wanting entire nations under their gods laws and sharias is no laughing matter. At this rate, they will all make the Flying Spaghetti Monster angry, and it takes a lot to make a spaghedeity angry.

Sorry......I understand where u are coming from. It boils down to the old phrase " You are either with us or against us!!". Doesn't seem very noble of a God , huh? Thats why churches remind me of old used car lots. With their flashing signs with the corny catch phrases and the Used God Dealer trying to get you to buy into something that u r not too sure about. I just can't believe in something like God that has so many restrictions and penalties.....Sounds like a credit car company. !LOLOL! What is in your wallet? explains more clearly to me than religion ever could.

Attack the argument, not the person.

So u believe in God?<br />
Hmmmmm? Sounds like to me that you believe in god and have many issues. If you didn't you could care less about proving God as a tyrant.