Not Atheism-- Anti-theism.

Basically, I don't only lack any belief in God or any other deity, but I think those who do are basically just making a mistake. In my eyes, religion takes the emphasis off life, like it's kind of a "waiting room" to get into heaven. Personally, I like the "live life to the fullest" approach, because you only get one. Why waste your life preparing for another one that may not even exist?

Religion was used as an explanation for the world when there was no science to prove natural phenomena, like birth, seasons, the sun, etc. Now, things can be proved scientifically, and religion is outdated. It merely stays alive as a security blanket for people who don't think they could have any effect on the world as "just a mortal," and who can't fathom the idea of just ceasing to exist. Note for Christians: the Bible itself doesn't support the idea of an immortal soul; in fact, there are many times when it refers to souls dying. Ceasing to exist, mostly. Bet that's not too comforting.

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what if you are right and there is no God, when we die that is it. No big deal. Suppose there is a god ,suppose there is a hell suppose there is a heaven. What then? . I know too late. if you believe things can be proved scientifically. that man came from a monkey, Doesn't it stand to reason ,That in some zoo somewhere a monkey would be giving birth to a human by now, Just something to think about.

I agree. Science has surpassed religion. Poeple have had religion for so long that it would be catastrophic if it were denied. It takes a bit of searching , but if one were to search hard enough they would figure out that he or she controls thier destiney. That their is no heavan or hell. That it was created as a form of control of man to moralize them in a time for which their was nothing to fear but tyrants. Religion gave them Hell to fear. Thus giving man morals and conscience. I also believe that it was used to explain the unexplainable as well. Like a burning bush, global flood, parting waters, and ofcourse.....DEATH.