Why Do We Have to Believe?

Why must we be puppets in a world that revolves around money. Churches are the worst. Why must a person have to go to a church to practice religion? That is one of the few things that made me start looking elsewhere. I don't believe in God. I don't believe in heavan or hell. I don't even believe in a higher power. I do believe in Jesus. Why u  ask? Well its simple. Jesus had an idea. He wanted man to be moralistic, respect others, and live life in peace. So, he gives man something to fear. Hence Heavan and Hell. Without the fear man would have selfdestructed years ago. Ill go deeper into it another time. This is just my first post. EVER!!!! Nobody even knows how I feel. I feel belittled a bit since I just cant tell anyone how I believe. Not even my wife. Though I think she knows from certain things she says. I dont feel ashamed but i do feel like I would cause others to view me in different way. I look forward to talking to whoever wants to talk. I have alot to say. Later
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how can people not beleive in god? he is ALL AROUND US!!!! maybe he dosent answer your prayers because he knows you honestly dont beleive in him

how can people not beleive in god? he is ALL AROUND US!!!! maybe he dosent answer your prayers because he knows you honestly dont beleive in him

whats wrong with people viewing you different?

let me clarify something, you dont have to go to church to go to heaven, you dont have to give money to go to heaven, you dont even have to be happy to go to heaven. God's word are simple, Believe in him, believe in his son, and that he died for YOUR sins, and show appreciation for these things, and he will grant you everlasting life... Christians are not perfect, we just serve a God who is.

I don't believe in god.<br />
The only way to believe if i could i wish to know if all good that i could feel is God and all bad i could feel is evil,than i would reject evil and accept god for good, and yet i have a problem in that while both of them evil and god both live and enjoy themself when ever they are ready in one body? ,i mean it take one body to feel both good and evil .it i could if god is good i will choose him for me to feel good no more pain and feel good at all the time.<br />
can some body explain that to me (god is watching over us and all such of evil and deaseases attacking us in the world where we do living?including pirates, killer ect evil in all such. and those that happen is him powerless to stop them ? and in the contrary he knows them before them happen did he enjoy or take part of them evil?<br />
I remember 911 people still pray to god for saving they life i am wonder may be they forgot to reconize that if it happen god let it happen because saving you from 911 is less spare 911 to happen is more stonger,i believe so.The only thing we wish to know in that day if god is god he could just tell us to prepare and we would prepare for bin ladin and surely we would defense ourself better than that . god thing is crap.and also i have a problem i am confuse we all nation of the world we want ben ladin while god hide him so deep that we can not find him i said so because from our side we hope god help us to find him and bin laden in his side gives thanks to god because he help him to vengence america! may be bin laden have a point by saying that because the bible show to save the world the good example is crusify an innoncent man and with all myself if it was not a competition there is many other way simple like that to save the world.<br />
and also god said to cain when you was killing your brother i heard his voice. and in stead to come to stop the killing he come just after the killing and ask for him.finally he put a curse on him than cain say kill me because you give me more than what i did and he reply to him and saying no one will put hand on you because your wickedness will be stronger for you to subdure you will vengence them 7 times and you will be hiding and no one will find you .can some one explain me that? God cause all wicked ness to happen.

about religion and god no one can prove it even those believer don't experience nothing for them self , they only can claim what they heard from moses who is a dead man long time ago,they don't know what moses look like if they have to see god that make the situation worst,we atheist we want to know and able to prove what we know,it can be false but if it make sense we will agree.

I actually get frightened when I read the comments of the christian right wing. The bible is proof of everything cos it's written. Islam also bases all it precepts on the Koran. the problem with p[eople who only read one book is they only have one point of view. Fear of the unknown drives most people to religion, fear that their time on earth is all they have drives them to continue with religion. We may only have a short time on earth but the combined efforts of hundreds of generations of mankind leaves an incredible legacy of achievement. As for the absence of evidence of evolutionary theory......purleeease!!!!

people screem at me for pushing an atheist agenda, they ask why not just live and let live, please, go back to the first comment and read till the last, then remind yourself, all these people can breed. Case closed

mmm random life with no purpose or meaning. that's the only kind of life for me.<br />
<br />
(I only skimmed this, seriously a lot of words here... pretty fanatical from the old christians and stuff too).<br />
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first nd formost people don't go to church to practice religion.Religion is a life style not a one day thing.Church is a gathering of people with the same belief to worship their God.Where do you think jesus got his example from, honestly do you think man can make it without God, and how do u prove mary being a virgin and giving birth to a son, so people can just randomly have children now? How do u not believe in a higher power doesn't the president or teacher has a higher power than u, the same way God has a higher power over us.Why don't all of you take a shot of christianity and tell me how it turns out cause you can only recieve God and all the greater things he has in stores for us only if you believe and really believe.From experience i can tell you God, jesus it's all real but i guess u probally won't see that unless you go through whatever it is that will make you believe for yourself.God bless you and may he be with you at all times in what you do say and think.

k people firstly i would like to say dat i have no religion. i have done quite a bit of reserach on atheism, christianity, jewdaism, and islam. You cannot just research christianity and prove that wrong and say theres no god because there is other beleifsm, once you have proved all other faiths wrong than you can say that. i still have no religion but from the research so far i have to rule christianty out as there are loop holes e.g. (www.edwardtbabinski.us/common_sense/bible_errors.html). There are plenty more sites on that topic. As for the theory of evolution i think that its bullshit. as whistler said there is no evidence at all apart from the fact that a monkeys dna is 99% similar to ours. The research team at the National Human Genome Research Institute and several universities compared the same stretch of DNA in a chimpanzee, baboon, cat, dog, cow, pig, rat, mouse, chicken, zebrafish and two species of pufferfish with human DNA. Chickens and pig's have the closest DNA structure to humans, but all life on earth share the basic DNA strands. The point is mate (the guy who sed darwin disbelevers are idiots) your dna is more like a pig than a monkey does that mean you decend from a pig? Show me one peice of evidence about darwins theory ....... oh wait you cant! secondly the only religion ive found that i havent found loopholes in is islam and if any of you have than please let me know. over the years many theories of the quran have been proven right and up till today 80% of the quran has been proven right the other 20 has not been proven right OR WRONG. maybe in the coming years the rest will be proven too??? i have not been able to tell the guy who told me this that he is wrong as i cannot find anything dodgy which is why i am so interested so if any of you know of anything please let me know. Also the quran is the only holy book which hasnt been changed since revelation. Original scriptures are still kept all over the world. The thing that amazes me is that there is so much scientific evidence in the quran e.g description of fertilisation of a egg and ***** in SIX steps , references about pain receptors, structure of the atmospheree,and loads more. 1400 years ago when the quran was revealed there was noo such thing as a microscopes or technology they beleived the earth was flat and alot of the arabs there at the time beleived the sky was supported by the mountainsso how could they know about things that we're discovering now(recently)? theres no point sittin dwn and sayin that your right without any research or evidence

thanks for your comment. I simply use the "no value" comment trying to show my point. Look at it this way. If we are born simply to live 70 or 80 years, but have no afterlife, no future, then nothing we do has any real value or purpose because one day we are all gone and nothing we do will last. This is how evolution pans out. We are random chance, we live, we die - that's it. <br />
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Regarding evolution, it is simply a theory. There are no transitionary fossiles. None. Even Darwin himself said one of his problems with his theory is the lack of transitionary fossiles. You see if we evolved over billions of years we had to start from the primordial slime. We had to crawl out of the slime with our gills ... then realise we couldn't breath and crawl back in and keep doing this over billions of years while ... um lungs started growing of their own accord in our bodies. Hmmm... then as we evolved we would have changed ever so slowly and as we developed legs, eyes, brains and all the other things that changed during the evolutionary process there would have been billions of bones or fossiles left behind during these years. Darwin felt or hoped we'd find them over time. We haven't. Darwin's other problem was the human eye. It is so complex that it could not have evolved because it is irreducibly complex. Which means it cannot be any simpler than it is now - fully formed as created because if it was simpler it would not work. There are hundreds of holes in evolution which is why so many people discard this "theory" As for rejecting the literal interpretation of the bible or in fact any religious texts, do the research, discover for yourself what they say. The bible does actually line up with science in so many ways. Check www.reasons.org for a ton of information on how the book of Genesis lines up. <br />
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all the best...

Why does God not existing mean we have no value? Your daughter is valuable to YOU, and that's all that matters. She has a purpose in this world, but only in this world, because it's all there is.<br />
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What overwhelming evidence? Are you kidding me? I don't know where you got this information, but there is plenty of evidence of evolution. What evidence is there that God exists? And if you have a brain you will not say the Bible or the fact that the universe and the things in it exist.<br />
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I've stated this quite a few times already, that I do not completely deny that a "higher power" could have created the universe. But, get this. Did you know that Darwin believed in God? Not the literal interpretation of the Judeo-Christian Bible, which I also reject, but he believed that God created the universe and set processes like evolution into motion. Creation and evolution do not have to be mutually exclusive, people just need to stop taking the damn Bible so seriously. That'll never happen, but wishful thinking!

If God isn't real and Jerbear and the other writers are correct then our lives are random, pointless and without purpose. But... I can't believe life is random. I can't believe when I look at my daughter that she is of no value, has no purpose and is simply chance. So I did some research, I decided to find out if it could be possible that God is real. That we are not just some random mistake or happening. The evidence is so overwhelming that even if I didn't want to believe, I'd have to. Too much evidence. The former Biology professor at Harvard once was quoted as saying that there is only two choices. Evolution or creation. He simply said there is no evidence for evolution, but that he chose to believe that which he had no evidence for instead of having to believe that there could be a God, a loving creator. Men have always struggled to accept that there is a higher moral authority. When I look at the evil in the world, I have to believe there is a loving God who detests this evil.

Proving God is real.....is real easy. Proving the Bible is written by God using human agents to do so is also very easy. The book of Romans doesn't mince words about "proving" that God exists it simply says that the proof of God is evident by what has been made. This earth, the heavens were all made people, simple. There is now astronomical proof of intelegent design within our bodies and in the physical planet, earth. The Bible also doesn't mince words in big debates with people who don't believe trying to get them to change there stand, God says "it's the fool that says in his heart there is no God." Foolish indeed to look at creation and say it came from no where and no one made it. So that means....? Something with a beginning and end had to be made, created, pretty simple. As for the Bible, no one in or throughout history has ever been able to sucessfully disprove it's authenticity, it's predictions and any off the wall statements you think it may have made. The parting of the Red Sea? That story is written in an ancient sign language on rock walls in the Sinai, proven to be written in the same time fr<x>ame the Bible says it happen.....proven! There is no scientist who denies this world was flooded, globally, we find fish fossils on top of high Mt's. The Book of Isaiah predicts the coming of a King that will set Israel free from slavery, before they were inslaved, and gives the name of the King as well and that was around 400 years before the guy was born. And....history proved him right, yet we doubt the Bible. The book of Psalms predicted the Messiah would be "pierced" and we know Jesus was crucified but that was predicted over a thousand years before Jesus came and long before there was a form of death sentance that used it as a way of killing. People were burned or stoned. Then Jesus comes along, and by the way if He isn't God He isn't a great moral teacher....He would be the craziest man whoever walked the earth cause He overwhelmingly insisted, and stated over and over He was God in the flesh. And backed it up with miracles that no man whoever walked the earth preformed. He also predicted future events, many of which have come to pass and anyone with half a brain that reads the book of Revelation can see that mankind is speeding towards this predicted end. Oh, read the book of Daniel, any of the discourses Jesus spoke of like Matthew ch 24 and it all coincides. Stubborn and unwilling is the person who won't take a few hours of their life to look into these truths. Has nothing to do with religion, it's your soul that's on the line and all of eternity that we, all of us are going to live one way or the other. Oh, and better are pains from a friend than kisses from the enemy...or something like that.

"For thoose who do not believe in God, I have a message for you. And that message is that God is REAL."<BR><BR>Yeah, well, I have a message for you. The flying spaghetti monster from Neptune is real, too. Because I read about it in a book and I have faith that it is.<BR><BR>"Look back over your life and think about all the bad decision you have made, who do you think carried you through."<BR><BR>Um... I did. I carried myself through. People don't give themselves enough credit. "I'd like to thank God for helping me win this football game" or "this award" or "for getting me through this". You did it, YOU. You won the football game. You were born with the right genes to make you a good football pla<x>yer. I don't see where God comes into it.<BR><BR>"I mean honestly how can believe in ideas like the big-Bang theory, or darwinism."<BR><BR>How can you believe in ideas like God? I don't know how the universe came to be, but I also don't see how the theory of creation is any more believable than the other theories. THE BIBLE IS NOT PROOF. FAITH IS NOT PROOF. Oh, and if you don't believe in evolution, I'm sorry, you're an idiot.

For thoose who do not believe in God, I have a message for you. And that message is that God is REAL. Look back over your life and think about all the bad decision you have made, who do you think carried you through. I mean honestly how can believe in ideas like the big-Bang theory, or darwinism.

Hey there, I'm with you on the whole church thing, it wasn't till the catholics organized it in the 4th century bringing in the dark ages that we had to put up with that kind of control. All organized religion does is have you running around with a bomb strapped to you. As for belief in God, Jesus said that if you desire to know if He was who He said He was, God in the flesh, you can put Him to the test. That's John ch 7 by the way. See, I was born and raised catholic, definately believed in God but had no relationship to Him at all and by the time I was 18 I was pretty much doomed to just live like every one else, wake up, try and make some money, have some fun and go to bed. It wasn't till I met this flying high Christian dude did I pick up a Bible and read it for myself, what an eye opener. You'd think 19 years of "church" they'd tell you the benefit of reading the Bible, fat chance cause then they lose control of you cause you find out there is no catholic church in the Bible. <br />
My friend, it's really not that hard to satisfy the question of if there's a God or not. All you really have to ask yourself is a one question. Is the "theory" of evolution true? See, up until the 1800s the entire world for the most part believed in creation, in a God, it's in just about every civilization on earth. Starting in the 1800s we have a straight out attack on this belief system, in all kinds of forms. New religions started flying off the hook. Joseph Smith with the Mormons, Chuck Russell with the Jehovah's witness, etc. Along with Darwin; cause that is as much a belief system as religion. In fact it takes a whole lot more faith to believe you have abolutely nothing and "bang" now you have everything than believing in a creator. Design -v- kaos. Here's a link for you, couple of former Darwin guys turned believers. <br />
http://www.halos.com/videos/#yae, there's other great resources as well but log onto this site and watch the free video, just amazing.<br />
I'll tell ya, all ya really have to do is look at nature, how our DNA is structured, there is literally no way evolution is possible, in fact it's the most insulting attack to our intellegence there has ever been. But it's not until people take a personal look into all the information out there on creation that the eyes open up. <br />
So, I hope you check out that site, open a Bible and give it a shot cause there's a heart shaped hole in all of us and only God can fill it, till then we just search for something to take it's place it's just a rat race.

I was a Catholic. I believed in God, in Jesus and yes, I believed in the Church, too. But I am not a believer anymore. Earlier I couldn't understand, how somebody can live without faith in this world. Now I am like this, too. And I am still alive. I think that the Church ruined the whole thing. Only Jesus could teach. They only make you feel that you are a sinner, no matter what you do.

I think a lot of people think like you. Jesus, it can't be doubted, was a great moral teacher.<br />
But then again, so was Socrates! Let's make a church of Socrates, lol!