I Do Believe In a Higher Forse...

I do believe in a higher force and I know there is nothing like it, but I cant feel it at the moment but maybe I dont want to
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I really quite agree with you, It makes me quite annoyed that when we are children, we are pushed to the limits of threat by a man called God. being so small, it can have a terrible effect on a childs brain, that we grow up feeling paranoid about the wrongs we have done, and wondering for the rest of our lifes if we are going to be sent to hell, I have five childre,. some adult, one quite young, when they have asked me about God, I have always told them that what I believe in at the moment in time, could possibly change to what I believe in the next day, in other words, I have told them that I belive in something, and that hopefully one day, they will find their own belief, I was brought up by the nuns and priest of the catholic church, so every waking hour of my life ,I had it pushed upon me, that if I ever done wrong. then I will be punished, to this day, I still dont know what I believe, but I know I believe in something.

I agree!!

Thanks for your coments, no am not a great speller, but I would rather spell my words wronge then to be called rude, what good is it in life to spell perfectly, and not know how to treat people who are not as fortunate as others, I know what I would choose.

Jerbear, that was a bit rude of you! Not everyone can spell perfectly or type perfectly but Rosygal's contribution should not be belittled because of it.

Learn how to spell and we might take you seriously.