A Couple of Funny Things

The first being is that as soon as I click the link to come to this experience from my own page a big 1/4 ad came up for something called "Christian Mingles" some bible thumper dating site. Boy, somebody in EP's ad department is asleep at the switch advertising that on this group!!..LOL!

Or maybe they are experimenting with the old saying that "opposites attract"...lol

Or maybe, just maybe, EP is thinking a lot of religious types cruise by here looking to see how the other half lives. And you know, for a good Christian girl, dating a heathen "bad boy" might just seem quite hot and exotic. (I'm available by the way...LOL)

Or maybe, and I shudder to think.....Christian singles might be stopping by to see if they might be able to convert a few of us infidels. You know..... a hot Christian babe might just be able to do it...lol....men do tend to do a lot of stupid things to score with a hot chick!

Anyway you guys just have to go rent Bill Maher's movie "Religuluos" it is SOOOOOO funny. check out this clip


MY late father always said "most people in this world are just plain stupid" I have never once seen him proved wrong and the people in this movie prove it!

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1 Response Feb 22, 2009

hey I noticed this as well. I posted to a couple of the sites and all the ads were for christian books, jesus and the truth and various other stuff. BTW can christian girls be hot. I mean they sure can look hot but are they going to be sex goddesses or are mindfuck ******** a sin?