How Can There Be a God?

How can there be a god if there is so much evil in the world?


Wouldn't god stop the war? Wouldn't god stop work hunger? Poverty? Wouldn't god save all those men lost in the great world wars?

Wouldn't god have created man with equality? Wouldn't he have interfered and said 'Thou shall not discriminate'?

Wouldn't god love everyone, and favor no one?

Wouldn't god make us all rich, famous, and happy?

Wouldn't god prevent depression?

Wouldn't god save us from rape?

What kind of savior leaves his people to fight on their own?
Either he is a lie, or a coward.

FizzX FizzX
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1 Response Feb 22, 2009

The religious nuts will tell you that god gave man free will and it is his abuse of this that is the source of evil. Of course the other way to look at this is that god created man in his own image and we are just as evil and full of **** as He is.