An American In Paris

Is the existence of an omniscient, all powerful god, full of love for mankind compatible with Paris Hilton?


He wouldn't do that to us, would He?

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Yeah, she's not that good looking. Not to mention she can't act, and is overall idiot XD<br />
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character + smarts > $$ <br />
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My theory is that the being we call god is actually the devil himself. Think about it. If I were all powerful and evil I would create the world where everybody is fighting, and the ones who aren't are praying to god for a better future. If the devil is the ruler, what would be more fun then pretending to be god, and listening all the people beg him to help, in belief that he's a kind being. That would be hilarious to him. Also it would explain the existence of Paris Hilton alikes XD

Against big time. She is an heirhead. Many will say that because she is a vacuous moron she is harmless, but I see her being feted for no reason other than a completely artificial type of fame. She has no talent, no character or charm.

you are for or against Paris?

Poor Paris

you know what, I think you are right, I should check my believes again!