The extent to which I do and do not believe in God is a 50/50 thing in my eyes, mainly because I believe in reincarnation and other dimensions. To all religious people, I do believe your gods exist, but for you atheists, you are right, because there are no gods here. I have come to the belief that when we die here, we are born in another world of another dimension that suits to our needs. It may or may not be a Utopia depending on how we want to live our lives, but it is the only thing I believe about anything. I do not believe in the words of another man, nor his actions, because all he is, is a man. He makes what he believes in to help him imagine a world he loves, a world he can truly live in, unlike this world. This is not a suitable world for people like us to live in; where all we do is argue and debate and destroy those around us with that of which we hold onto tightly. I will try my best not to force this belief on you, but I hope you will understand what I am getting at, and at least leave the opinions of others alone so you can focus on yours.
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1 Response Sep 2, 2014

Why do you believe this pseudoscience? The only good reason to believe anything is evidence. You, my friend, are an anti-empiricist.