Nonbelievers Are Better Than Believers

My apologies to my fellow atheists on this; I am not  being narcissistic.

I just read BV post about being threatened and it got me thinking.  Here in America our jails are overflowing with religious NOT atheists or agnostics.  A sunday school teacher was just arrested for raping and murdering an eight year old little girl.  A religious cult leader savagely starved and beat a toddler to death because the 20 month old baby "refused" (more likely was unable) to say "Amen" before eating.  Then stuffed the baby in a suitcase and carried the body around for months.  Girls as young as 14 IN AMERICA are forced to marry men in their 50s.  Then you have female circumcision, sewing woman shut, etc, etc, etc.

I think that the religious are more likely to indulge their "demons" because they believe their "father" will forgive them.  All they have to do is say their sorry.  They think they have the right to abuse, manipulate, and take what ever they want because they think they are the chosen people and they have one HELL of a superiority complex.

Atheists and agnostics on the other hand have a much more solid moral foundation.  Our desire to give back to society and leave things just a little better drives us to be the best we can be. I honestly can say that when I look at religion's morality I am truely ashamed for mankind.  Im sure many others are too.  I also think that being able to free the shakles of religion frees us of the demons that seem to plague the theists.  (That and we can identify mental illness for what it is and not for demonic possession!)

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Correct me if I'm wrong but weren't Danton, Lenin, Than Shwe, Stalin, Mengele, Mao, Kim Il Sung, Ceausescu, Honecker, Castro, Pol Pot, Broz Tito, Milosevic, Bonaparte and Mussolini sadistic, mass murdering atheists who, collectively, butchered ***hundreds of millions*** of innocent men, women and children?

Someday everyone will be held accountable. A Lot of the things you are pointing out as a stumbling block is basically the same things Christ was angry with the Pharisees.
BTW the Pharisees were self righteous and believed in works to see heaven.

It has always been through Faith in God and His Grace that we are Saved from Hell.. Not works.For All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God.You can never be good enough. Especially by mans measure of what is good or evil.

Condemning the acts of others is not an excuse for not seeking and having a relationship with God.YOU are condemning yourself.

I'm not the Judge, Christ is the Judge. Is your name in the Book of Life ?

Even one of the criminals, crucified with Christ with forgiven in the very end. And he did no works. He recognised Christ for who he was and asked for the gift of Forgiveness .

But you must be sincere in Your Heart. Not go through the motion.


You would be amazed at how many believers, much like dara, have not bothered investing the time to read the bible they place their faith in. I can only imagine religion is so accepted in "developed" socities because it is successful in herding and controlling the masses. They say ignorance is bliss, so if you want a very blissful and less rebelious population give them a fear of a God that will punish them for bad things such as theft, adultry and murder. I feel that the real motivation of Christian morals benefits those in charge. If my subjects do not steal from eachother then I will not have to spend many resources policing them. If they do not commit adultry then they would be less violence. If they do not kill eachother then I will have more subjects that are able to pay taxes or work my land or whatever. What I don't get is how people can let themselves be blindly led by a book. A book that is supposedly the word of God but was ultimately written by a man or group of men that made up the whole thing. I find it interesting that there is an old testament and a new testament but I at least understand why this is so. The old testament had a God that was vengeful and angry. You had to do as you were told or else there would be litterally hell to pay. This was good at scaring the masses straight but as time went on people started to wonder why they were doing things for an angry God. So lets throw in God having a son who dies for the sins of man and all of a sudden God is this great guy that forgives you for messing up instead of just damning you for doing so. This was much more palateble and therefore more so effective. Again ignorance is bliss but also ignorace is stupidity. Most if not all of the greatest minds of history were atheist that were condemed by the church. I wonder how many people in Mensa believe in God.

I am not condemning anyone. I am simply pointing out the insanity of religion and questioning why its tolerated in a so-called "developed" society. That is what I find the problem to be. No one but a very select few are willing to stand up against religion and tell them they are wrong and at times moral neanderthals. This is not interolance its protecting the people that cant protect themselves.

Atheists don’t hate, blame and ridicule. I will not sit here and condemn others. There is enough of that going around. Be true to yourself – Be at peace.

Dear no gods, I cant help but to chuckle at the mental image of sweet walking around with her question shoved up her anus.<br />
Sometimes I think its just you and me my dear.

SCW: My apologies if I have offended you, it was definately not my intention. You are most welcome to ask any question you like. My I too question how your devil wrote in your bible? Most of what I use to combat Christianity comes directly from that book both New and Old Testament alike. (I mean no disrespect, honestly. humbly bowing.

questions welcomed, in fact I have one for you. If you believe that the devil is the cause of evil, are you then saying that this devil has more power then your god? Are you saying that the devil has power to reap havoc on the world but god has no power to counter this?<br />
If it is a matter of free will, then the influence of the devil negates the free will, wouldn't you say?

Dara - Everything I write about theism is FACT! Much is taken STRAIGHT from your bible. Last I checked, it was not "rude" or "disrespectful" to quote scripture. What I am doing is quoting your scripture and questioning what kind of god or religion could actually condone such violent and wicked atrocities. You should be offended. Your religion has a terrible record when it comes to human rights; they all do. That is why religion needs to go. Its the only humane thing to do.

im being rude and disrespectful huh? try reading all the crap you type about christians and god and tell me its not rude and disrespectful. oh but wait hold up, its just facts my bad, what facts. Let me guess your psychic too. So misled. By the way, we dont believe in myths and three headed gods and that sort you really got it all twisted get the REAL facts and come at me.

I'll ask a question instead because i'm having a little bit of trouble making sense of this one. 3 headed gods and abortions and stuff i dont really know.

lol. Godfree, you are my hero! HUGS!

your christian values are vile and syphilitic. You and your frighten children with fairytales of three headed gods, boogeyman, eternal torture. You rip the last piece of solace from a dying man by reminding him if he is not in good graces with the zombie king he will burn. Your monsters, you rob the coffers of society by not paying your taxes and you suck the money from the ignorant and superstitious like leeches.<br />
You teach your "truths" with no evidence and try to force your creatures of imagination onto our young.<br />
The only teachings worth mentioning by your zombie were stolen from others, do unto others, returning kindness for evil, help the poor. These were all taught by Buddha and others hundreds if not thousands of years before anyone created your jebus.<br />
Christianity is a cancer.<br />
Have a nice day

Dara: I do not bash those with xtian beliefs. I bash those with superiority complexes. There is a BIG difference.

and by the way how am I being hateful like I already said if you want to be atheist be atheist i'm not trying to convert you so lets agree to disagree on this subject, Just because you are an atheist doesn't mean you are a bad person, but I think its uncool to bash those like I , who believe and have christian values. Thats all I'm saying

Dara - that was just plain rude and unnecessary. I most certainly did NOT go back on what I said. The xtian god most certain does condone and ENCOURAGES murder, rape AND ABORTION within the text of its OWN DAMNED BIBLE! Try reading the thing before you dare come onto MY story and challenge me. Go away minion.

but your going back on what you stated which was that you say god pretty much thinks its cool to rape and murder children and he condones it through the bible, and here you say abortion which lets face it is the murder of an unborn child is right..This is why maybe none of this should be talked about because opinions are like ******** and everybody has one. lol

All our stories are not about god. We are typically defending ourselves against theist attacks. According to theists, atheists is a "religion" and we really do believe in their "god" we are just allegedly in "denial". It gets old.<br />
<br />
I really hope by some of my stories (What Atheism is to Me) more so than this one, that by educating people about atheism they will become more tolerant and less hateful and discriminator towards me and the atheist community. That is all I am trying to accomplish.<br />
<br />
In all honesty, this story was written was a I was being stalked by several xtian EP members and EP support refused to do a damn thing about it. So I was furious. I dont do things like that to people - no matter how angry I become. So I dont understand what drives people to such cruelty. (Maybe the bad example of their gods?)

Since I'm new here I been searching out a lot of groups and read some stories about atheism I have never truly known about. I can't say anything much on the subject but an atheist doesn't believe in any god, at all, right? Nothin against it, just understanding it and seeing god posts, i guess I dont understand can you enlighten me as to why the stories on atheism are all about god, if there is not any, at all? Please tell me, because I'm curious.

The God delusion is a wonderful book and a very easy read. If money is tight try a library

Yes, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Have any of you read "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins?<br />
I've been close with my money lately and I'm looking for feedback before buying.<br />
<br />
Last book i bought was "The Bomb in the Basement : Israel and nuclear blackmail" about the 1973 threat by Israel to start WWIII unless they were given anti-tank missiles, then under a U.S. ban on export to Israel.<br />
The REPIGLICAN government of Gerry Ford capitulated.<br />
Israel was willing to blow up the world rather than lose a BATTLE!<br />
A clear example of religious madness if ever there were one.

Dara - You would not believe how difficult it is to be an atheist. WEEKLY, I have someone knocking at my door, handing out religious pamplets, they have even targeted my children because I dismiss them. <br />
<br />
There is absolutely NOTHING disrespectful about my story. I state FACTS! Everything I have said I can back up with personal experience, statistics, etc. If you do not like the facts - NOT MY PROBLEM! <br />
<br />
I dont have a soul; like it or not, neither do you. So there is nothing to worry about. We have a brain - just no soul.<br />
<br />
I am assuming you are a woman. When you get brutally raped, live through it and become pregnant. Come back here and tell me that abortion should not be your right. Better yet, when your daughter becomes impregnanted by her father (I am NOT making accusations this is just an example) at the age of 12, come here at tell me that abortion is not a right!

you know what I have read all of these comments and to nogod whatever your name is, if you want to be atheist be atheist no one can tell you different obviously , but do you have to be so disrespectful to those that follow christian belief..Not everyone is perfect people screw up as christians, as atheists, as whatever. Does it make it ok? no, I'm just saying..The firat day I came into this place one of your posts popped up and you were stating that people in here are being rude and disrespectful, but yet you come in here doing what you said was wrong. You talk about children being murdered and raped and what not but say abortion is ok and it should be a choice to the woman. Im a little confused, However you want to believe this is ok..I dont know your soul not mine..

Religion is pure mind rot. Believing in God may be a form of self delusion, a comfort blanket or just a lack of education but the facade of the religious is nothing short of machiavellian deception. One of the great achievements of the religious is the construction of the vast structures, networks and libraries of their beliefs that make it a self fulfilling prophesy. It really is an effort of will and self belief to be brought up within the environs of a religious culture, witness to the majesty of the architecture, the grandeur of the literature and the gravitas of the priests and bishops and yet cast all this aside and choose not to believe. The path of least resistance is to follow the herd. The great religions surround themselves with mysteries and shamen who are needed to interpret those mysteries for the common herd. They always create a code of conduct and a system of sanctions for failure to keep the herd in step and make it easier to control, they cover up the misdeeds of their ilk and of course they always have a system to gather remuneration from the masses. They give organised crime a bad name. If they didn't exist would the many voluntary agencies and charities that deal with the lesser well off in society exist, of course they would. they might even thrive without the off putting influence of the churches. So certainly believe in god, we all need something to hang out hats on but the churches are a different matter, I find it harder to accept them .

Emptysoul - I think its both. Religion teaches hate, bigotry, and plants the seed of evil. Then it provides a shelter to those who want to act out their evils against mankind.

I disagree. I think it is bad people who abuse religion to act out their cruel desires, rather than religion making people bad.

Bennyblack1: I, too, am disamored with Christians. And being one, I find myself distancing myself from them, while attempting to come closer to God, who is above ALL of us.<br />
<br />
My advice to you Bennyblack1, Get a grip on reality and live your life in the now, you will not get a second chance.

Clearly, BennyBlack1 didn't understand OverwhelmedMom's post at all. Her point was - I think - that religion parades around sounding the trumpet of moral authority, when in reality, there is no evidence, neither in the bible, nor in the manner in which Christians conduct themselves, to support that vanity. <br />
<br />
By the way, Benny, your assertion that gay priests is something new does not stand the test of history. I mean think about it; a religion that vilifies all but a select few women, and the reviles even hetero sex and sensuality, probably was just as attractive to a certain kind of man in the 14th century as in the 21st. So maybe doomsday can be delayed a little while?

Atheists are uncommon people (in a great way).

You'll need a small arsenal to protect your alcohol stash from the catholics.

omg, armageddon is coming - I had better stock up on beer.

BennyBlack, might I recommend NOT drinking the kool-aid doomsday or not! Xtians just like you have been spewing that message for the last 2009+ years. Thus far nothings has happened and nothing will. As man created god not vise versa. <br />
<br />
Fellow heathens/atheists, I actually had one of these loons come up to me and my two boys (8 and 2) and scold me (I was heavily pregnant at the time) for bringing children into the world soon close Armageddon. Charlie, 2, couldn't have cared less. Timmy was like, Mom, what's wrong with that lady?

I would say that I have met good and bad in both human circles. The huge difference for me is that theists that have done horrid things in my life use the excuse of only needing God's forgiveness and that everything happens as a part of God's plans for them. The first idea seperates them from the people in their lives, they have no true close connections. If you can never admit that what you do to others matters it creates quite a wall. The second idea just looks bat *** crazy to most of us. "I had to go crazy that night and beat you because that was part of the master plan. It taught you to be strong and endure. It taught me that you need a firm hand."

I think atheists are responsible for their own actions. Xian's blame their imaginary friends.

I agree with you guys 100% We atheists live our lives by the Golden Rule by choice and without the fear of all hellfire and damnation by some invisible cloud being who supposedly loves us. We do it out of the goodness in our hearts. It is appalling what people do in the name of "god." Religion sickens me!