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I believe there exists a god or a goddess.
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I have looked at this site also and the central problem to religion's efforts to transform itself into a fact based entity is the complete absence of corroborative evidence. The bible as a source suffers a number of fatal flaws. It is contradictory and obviously is not contemporaneous with the time of Jesus. Thus is suffers from all historical perspectives: time is a distortion.

www.godandscience.org also known as Evidence for god. Is a lengthy conglomeration of topics deemed to challenge the atheist, non christian critiques of thier faith.<br />
I fully admit to only spending about an hour at this site looking at one article after another. Biased? Damn straight, if they were going to prove the existannce of god to me, they were going to do it with real evidence and not faith.<br />
They failed.<br />
I leave it to you to pick a subject then go to the site and view their take on it. Sadly it comes down in most places to a lesson on Hebrew, Greek ,Aramaic and the like. But it never changes the story, a three headed god is a three headed god, what does it matter when your cult accepted it as fact. The firmament was not really a solid ob<x>ject in the sky that held all the water overhead, it was a mistranslation of the king james bible.<br />
The following is a list of what they call "common atheist misconceptions:BLOODLINE: Serious Documentary or Hollywood Hoax? - by Gordon Franz MA <br />
Religion is the Cause of All (Most) of the World's Problems - Religion is not even close to being the leading cause suffering in the world. In fact, atheists have been responsible for most of it within the last 100 years. <br />
Are Most Wars the Result of Religious Belief? - Religion is implicated in less than 7% of all wars over the entire written history of mankind. <br />
Is Christianity a Made-up Myth Written by the Disciples? - Now really - would the disciples write about all their shortcomings, make the Christian church into a female, design heaven with no sex in it, and say that they were going to be married to Jesus in heaven? I don't know about you guys, but this is not what I would have written if I had made up the Bible! <br />
Paul Invented Christianity? Is the Founder of the Christian Religion Paul of Tarsus or Jesus of Nazareth? All Paul's core teachings were also taught by Jesus and the disciples, and are even found in the Old Testament. <br />
Misquoting Jesus: Does Bart Erhman Prove the New Testament is Corrupt? - Contrary to Erhman's claims, the New Testament canon was established in the early second century, and scribal errors/changes did not affect any significant Christian doctrine. <br />
The Christian Church Was Never Really Persecuted - Were all the reported persecutions of Christians were made up by the Christian church? <br />
The Bible Has Been Changed Over the Centuries From the Original? - Sorry, the manuscript evidence doesn't support this idea at all. <br />
Jesus Christ as God and the Trinity Was Not Invented Until the Fourth Century? Contrary to the claims of The Da Vinci Code, even secular sources indicate that Christians worshipped Jesus Christ as God no later than 113 A.D. <br />
This Joyful Eastertide: A Critical Review of The Empty Tomb (2006) - Has the resurrection been proven false? (2.7 MB ) <br />
The Universe Just Happened Without Any Need For a Designer - For all those who expect to win at lotto! <br />
There is No Evidence For the Fine Tuning of the Universe - The cosmological constant (dark energy) shows this belief to be false <br />
"The Lost Tomb of Jesus": Have the Bones of Jesus Christ Been Found? Only if Jesus had his ossuary inscribed when He was 2 years old! <br />
Omnipotence is Logically Impossible? An atheist attempts to define God out of existence through illogical arguments <br />
The Universe is Eternal - Contrary to atheist's claims, the majority of scientists state as fact that the universe had a beginning. <br />
Only Stupid People Believe in God - A large number of famous scientists believed in God, many being devout Christians <br />
The Roman Catholic Church's Condom Policy is Responsible For the Spread of HIV and the AIDS Crisis in Africa - Actually, HIV infection rates are lower in Catholic-dominated countries! <br />
The Myth of the Flat Earth by Jeffrey Burton Russell - The "history" that Christians taught a flat earth was not invented until the 19th century. (off site) <br />
People are Basically Good - Proof to the Contrary <br />
Jesus didn't really die on the Cross? - The old swoon theory doesn't hold up to historical/medical reality. <br />
Are Atheists and Theists Morally Equivalent? Aren't atheists morally superior to theists? <br />
Atheism Doesn't Lead to Immoral Behavior - Or Does It? In theory it doesn't, but in practice... <br />
Atheism and Humanism Provide Hope for the Future - The ultimate "hope" of atheism is eternal entropy as the universe loses all ability to perform work, and all life, consciousness, and knowledge is eternally destroyed. <br />
The Bible Teaches a Flat Earth Covered by a Solid Dome <br />
Teaching Religion to Children is a Form of Child Abuse? Dawkins's hypothesis is falsified. <br />
Debunking Dawkins: The God Delusion<br />
Debunking Dawkins: The God Delusion Chapter 1: A deeply religious non believer - Deception, lies, and misrepresentations. <br />
Debunking Dawkins: The God Delusion Chapter 2: The God Hypothesis - Failure to support debunked assertions, quoting out-of-context, and a desire to escape moral accountability. <br />
Debunking Dawkins: The God Delusion Chapter 4: Why There Almost Certainly Is No God - Richard Dawkins' Ultimate Boeing 747 argument is shown to be formally fallacious. <br />
Well, you decide, sadly, it looks like drivel to me

Im happy that your a believer, thank you for that message. If you are a believer would you mind looking at this site www.godandscience.org, maybe you could help me change hearts and minds.