Havn't Got Enough Evidence...

Havn't got enough evidence yet...
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3 Responses Feb 10, 2007

This is my main problem with religion. If you're God and you love your people, and you want them to serve you, WHY talk through people? Why not just show up and say "Hey ya'll here I am" so there can be absolutely no question about whether you exist or not?

www.godandscience.org. This site may provide you with some evidense, theories, explanations. Im just trying to help.

... and all we atheists and agnostics are asking for is for just one irrefutable piece of evidence. Who is too narrow-minded and who is so open-minded that their brains are falling out of their skulls? I think your position is the most reasonable one.

Par when science tells you that every action has a opposite reaction. in fact there are no systems found anywhere that cause themselves. yet the universe expanded from an infinitely dense amount of nothing? its not scientific, not even slightly. by the rules of science this spontaneous occurrence is impossible. but heck if theoretical science says it's true it must be.