Positives and Negatives

Well, I have nothing against the idea up to a point. If people want to believe in a God, great, if they feel it helps them in life and to fufill a spiritual need. I mean my Mum used to be a methodist, and now she isn't but she still believes in something she calls a force, which I think is fair enough. It doesn't mean that she is preoccupied with the exact name of this force - Allah, God, whatever - and so therefore she doesn't feel excluded from any religion. She sees them all as a road to the same basic need.

Personally, I'm not sure I believe in anything. I was brought up as...well nothing, really. Not agnostic, religious or atheist, there was just a total lack of religious involvement at home which suited me fine because obviously my parents didn't really worry themselves about it too much. Honestly, I can say I feel no lack of anything in that respect. I am totally free to believe in some vague force if I want, if not, then fine.

I do, however, go to a Catholic school. I moved there two years ago for A Levels because it had a brilliant academic record and was open to 'non-faith pupils'. It's a brilliant school, I can honestly say that. And despite the fact that the Catholic faith basically underpins the school, it isn't forced onto pupils and is kept to a minimum. In general it seems a very tolerant, moderate version of Catholicism which I have no problem with.

However, I have seen the darker side of what religion can do to a person. One person I met there, one of my best friends, used to be and still is to an extent quite religious. They had a difficult time in the past, and have had problems with depression and self harm. Sadly, after some personal problems. he believed God was actually telling him to commit suicide (which was thankfully not successful). He is still religious and is convinced, utterly convinced, that he is going to hell. It's an example for me of an instance where a religion has focused too much on the idea of punishment and not enough on the idea of love.

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Jun 2, 2009