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“. . . [the profession of the Christian faith is] a system of the grossest hypocrisy, a fashionable villainy, a licensed swindle, cheat, and trick. . .

. . . go to church and chapel, you fools, -- listen to the parson, and shut your eyes, and open your mouths, and see what God will send you.

Never was the day, never, in all the tide of time, in which such mighty efforts were made to keep mankind in ignorance; never were any clergy on earth, Pagan or Papistical, so opposed to the diffusion of knowledge, so desperately afraid of it, and so bitterly hostile to it, as the Protestant clergy, both of the established church, and the dissenters of the present day, in this metropolis.” -- Robert Taylor, "The Devil's Pulpit" (pamphlet, 1831)   “No kingdom has ever had as many civil wars as the kingdom of Christ.” -- Montesquieu, French philosopher (1689-1755), Persian Letters, 1721
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Here's a great quote I recently came across:

"If atheism solved all human woe, then the Soviet Union would have been an empire of joy and dancing bunnies, instead of the land of corpses." - John C Wright

Turn about is fair play. I think it is great that theists come onto atheists threads and bring their silliness. It only reinforces your own. By the same token, you can go on christian threads and question their silly beliefs. By all means, fire away and let the crap fall where it may.

ditto, lmao

I love you, Stevester, you always make me laugh!

Godless don't scare them all away i like it when the innocents creep in spount their moronic childlike claptrap and are then mauled by GF, BV and you. it's such fun to imagine their recoiling in shock from the keyboard, the wailing, the clink of rosaries hitting the floor, the worthless appeals to their higher power.

Secondly, to the theists - dont come into a group in which you do not belong and spout off your vileness because you feel offended. You are not welcome here and you dont belong here. Unless you want to see me ripping apart your posts in the theists sections; stay out of mine.

I dont need another 30, 40, 50, or whatever years to persuade me into believing fictitious characters. Once you learn the "truth" about Santa; how many kids go back into really believing him?<br />
<br />
People who insult me only continue to prove my points against religion. Religion is a hate mongering, intelligence limiting, abusive and infectious disease within society that desperately needs to be irradiated. Without religion we would still have the twin towers. We would not have the crime, bigotry, and abuse we see today in America. I see nothing but positives here.<br />
Plus we dont have these thieves stealing money from people who cant afford it then evading taxes.

Suchadeal, its a lovely post and if these thoughts make you happy then by all means embrace them. But when you ask us to rethink our position on the existance of invisable friends, based on your feelings and private revalations, then it is only fair that you provide proof. Let us interview a dead relative of yours or any spirit guide you ight be in communion with.<br />
Just set the time and place.

Careful, She may decide that She doesn't believe in you, either.

I do believe that Man invented God in his own image, and that religion is the greatest con ever, although it usually starts with someone pure-in-heart with genuine love and desiring the best for all (hopefully not just people) and sometimes a genuine appreciation for the awesomeness of creation. It's just that if you can get enough people to believe that you have a better sense of what God is and wants, pretty soon the organization that results is absolutely corrupted by absolute power, and the leaders begin to believe their own suppositions.<br />
<br />
It's kinda like successful people who go to church because they believe that God has smiled on them because they're something special -- that they DESERVE their success. Then during the week use every shady trick in the book to get more. After all, they ARE special, a cut above the rest, and God WANTS them to have more. Those that they harm? Well, they're just not as special to God or they'd be OK, and if they do hurt someone, they know they'll be forgiven. <br />
<br />
Historically, Christianity has been so debased that some of the worst atrocities ever have been committed in the name of Jesus, whose simple message was love, tolerance and outreach, and even told his followers that it would be as hard for a rich man to get into the kingdom of heaven as it would be to get a camel through the eye of a needle (turns out that The Eye of the Needle was a very narrow gateway into a city that was designed to keep people from riding into the city, as a defense). During WWII, the Pope turned a blind eye to the antics of the Third Reich; after all, they WERE Christian, and they WERE getting rid of the Jews, the homosexuals, and anyone else who didn't fit the harrowest possible criteria. I guess he DID have to put up with their allowing some Protestants to survive in the bargain.<br />
<br />
I've lived long enough to firmly believe that there IS a spirit of the universe that is good, loving, and has a place for our souls when we depart this earth. The experiences I've had and seen (usually involving events just before and long after a loved one's death) have even been experienced by others at the same time, so I know I didn't just imagine them). I also believe that the explanations that the church provides about life after death are simplistic to the point of absurdity, and have primarily been employed to amass money and power, although the charities and good organizations they have set up genuinely benefit many in need. THOSE are the church's saving grace.<br />
<br />
When I was almost 50, I came out denial and out of the closet. I have been stung by the prejudice I have encountered, often justified by so-called "Christians" with their "straight"-jacketed mentality. Anything but loving, these people don't have a clue, other than it may bring up "unacceptable" self-doubt. I don't believe in Hell, but I do think that they will end up in the more distant, isolated reaches of the afterlife, and will have a long way to go, and a lot of changing to do before they get to participate in the joyful communion with other souls.<br />
<br />
So, maybe you need to give yourself a few decades to make up your mind, and realize that God is something Mankind can't possibly comprehend adequately, and the simple dictum of loving thy neighbor (i.e., the entire planet) and hating no one or thing, and acting like it, is probably our best strategy to keep HER believing in us. Maybe someday, when we have demonstrated mastery over ourselves, we'll be deserving of evolving into something good for the Universe. Here's hoping...

aaah,godfree = atheist

sciantel, why the anger? Your place in heaven is secured.<br />
You worship the right god, you sing the right songs, you hate (based on your post) the right people.<br />
You should be thrilled that in a short time (god and a healthy dose of the clap willing) you shall stand in heaven and watch the likes of us writhing in agony, pleading for you to but dip your finger in water in order to cool our scorched tongues. While you will stand hand in hand with your three headed god and laugh for all time at the foolish atheists....and Jews, oh, and Muslims...Taoist a few Buddhist, you might want to throw in a Shinto or two...damn, then there are all those wiccan. Well screw it, as long as you know your gonna have a good time.

Sciantel, there is as much proof for your beliefs as there is for the existence of Santa and the Easter Bunny. Your little god is cute from a distance but if you'd take the time to read into your religion you would see that it spews nothing but hate. You call GodlessMomma an idiot (which is clearly not the case) well I call you ignorant on every level. You clearly ignore the facts placed before you and instead strap on your thick blindfold and follow an idea which holds no merit. <br />
<br />
I not only see the "cross of Christ" as mere foolishness, but you as well. <br />
<br />
Worship Jesus all you want, it will be fruitless in the end. You are wasting your existence.<br />
<br />
GodlessMomma, as I said previously, great post :)<br />
<br />
Betty, don't insult yourself by calling yourself Jesus. I wouldn't wish that upon anyone :P

Don't hold back BV. I see your training in English is paying off lol. People think it's easy being an atheist, it's not. it takes time and consideration to go against the flow. The easy way out is to mouth the religious cant and follow the herd, paradise awaits those that obey, God loves u, strap on the explosive Ahmed, kneel down boy and I'll confer my blessing on you. <br />
<br />
Yet there are lots of intelligent people out there that still believe in god and as an atheist who lacks the arrogance of the religious nuts I have to examine my rational for not believing. Yep it still holds up. <br />
<br />
The bible is an interesting collection of aphorisms and word of mouth tales. Some of them arising from cultural observances that had real meaning thousands of years ago, when eating shellfish killed you and pork harboured 25 foot taenia saginata tapeworms (some places it still does.) some of them are fables and probably contorted over the telling but the one thing I'm sure of it is not the word of god. Where is the book of Barnabas in the King James bible? The whole anthology (for that is what it is, a collection by the author to satisfy his readers) is geared towards moulding the minds of the masses. The intelligent believers do not follow it literally but that then casts my doubt upon what they do believe.

it's true, the only being in exisance with the personality of "God" is widely disliked or hated by the rest of us

Great quotes, I especially like the last one :)