Organized Religion Is Ruining The World.

 How much money do you think it took to build that huge, beautiful church? Oh, there are dozens of them... just in one city... I wonder how many homeless, starving children could've been helped with all the money it took to build these churches. Are these places of worship necessary, no, I think not. Why? Well, my opinion on the matter is that the whole concept is utterly absurd. Christianity is the mainstream religion nowadays and with that there are tons of types of that christianity: baptist, methodist, southern baptist, lutheran, etc, the list goes on and well, what's the point? How can something with so many variations have any true bearing on the world as it is? If there is a "god" I guarantee he doesn't give a hoot about half the crap we as a people have come to believe is important to religion. All this money we're spending on churches that's all tax free- I believe is just the governments way of trying to still control the people, although it's far removed now.

Ironically the point of this America was originally for religious freedom. Go figure. I guess we that don't believe any of the mumbo jumbo aren't entitled to our kind of religious freedom or rather lack thereof. Would it really be that difficult to help the world if people embraced the lack of religion and started believing in themselves for a change? I recognize the fact that certain types of people "need" to have something above themselves to believe in and think that's just fine, but don't push others to do so. What's it called when you're taught something and not entitled to question it.... cultist mindset?

If we're damned that's our own business. More likely than not people who are atheist and agnostic or gnostic know as much as the christian, muslim, and hindu that all have their "god" and their set ways. Personally, I have my own belief system that's mainly atheistic based with the old religion ways that are similar to that of the pagans. It matters not though because I'm teaching my daughter to be open minded and explore all the worldly religions. Of course I'd like her to see my views, but it's always going to be her choice and I'll support her with all my love. As it should be. 

Just my thoughts, peace and love all.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but weren't Danton, Lenin, Than Shwe, Stalin, Mao, Kim Il Sung, Ceausescu, Honecker, Castro, Pol Pot, Milosevic, Bonaparte and Mussolini sadistic, mass murdering atheists?

I agree for the most part with what you say.......we really should be worshiping nature because at least we know that all of life is derived and thrives because nature has allowed us to do main aspect of organized religious belief that i think is entirely wrong,is the idea that there is a BETTER place after death......that thought not only completely undermines the value of life, but it actually creates some residual thinking that our world is tainted and allowing destructive behavior with the belief that we are in a "evil world anyway", so evil acts are part of what happens.....or worse, if an atrocity is done , or mass murder, the idea that the victims are "in a better place", actually makes the act itself of murder seem almost like a blessing because the victims are now in "heaven"...there is an inherent problem we have as a species within the concept of is revealed in our LIFE beliefs as well as our DEATH beliefs.

Energy, elements, time, luck, dominance. Thats us. We are the earth. Creatures of our climate. Products of our own enviroment. Aminals. The most vicious of all human species known. Were wide spread thriving, multiplying. *******. Our reason to live is to reproduce to make more of ourselves to be the dominate species. The secret of life. So with that being said there is no room for god. God is restriction, control, dangerous and not to be trusted. Belive in yourself its you whos gonna get you thru this life not some deity of old whos controling your life, destiny, and fate. Christians have blood on thier hands to. Crusades, inquestions, spanish conquest, slavery, dominance. Christianity was a cult like all religions. Evil people. Jews. They sacraficed thier young, pray to forigen gods. Denied their god. Polytheism is hard to change. Brothers of joseph getting what they deserve. Given hope, banished, returned, holocausted, jesus killers ,dehumanized. Just for selling thier brother forever damning thier desendents. Thats how thier god treats them. Not for me. I do what I want, say what I want, believe what I want. The earth has neen here billions of years we have really ruled ten thousand. We are a spec in time. Lucky and on the rite place at the rite time. Timing. Crucial. So be an animal. Reproduce, indulge, consume, conquer, lust, and dont regret or fear. There is no god only space and infinant.

Thank you for your input. While I agree with you at some points I disagree with you as well. Personally, I believe everyone is born with morals. You do not need "god" or any outside source to tell you what is right and wrong. Loving others as you love yourself is in the bible, yes, but it is also in a wiccan rede as well as numerous other religious doctrine. I don't need to believe in christianity nor any other religion to love others as myself. I do that already. Your parents should teach you that as a child. I know I'm teaching my daughter to. Though I have no "religious" belief, I am, however, a spiritual person and while some people find that contradictory I try to explain myself the best I can by saying that I believe everything is connected. Even the plants and animals. There is no way you can tell me that they don't appreciate the world like we do or even in another way that is out of our realm of seeing or understanding.

When you say that those trying to convert others by force are obviously not christian, I'm glad you think so, but sadly they wouldn't agree with you. Also the fact that you say matter always existing is more irrational than believing in some deity is somewhat amusing to me. I'm just going to state that. And yes, love is a chemical reaction. One that cannot quite be explained. I believe that love is something that you have to continually work at. Relationships in general aren't easy. Finding a love that lasts throughout your lifetime is quite an accomplishment. That has nothing to do with your "god". I find it insulting that you would claim a rise in atheism is the reason for a rise in divorce. You would have to poll every divorced couple on their religious beliefs for me to even acknowledge that any further.

One doesn't need a "god" or any religious belief to love one another as they love themselves or find a love partner that lasts or have a moral code that is universally accepted. All my beliefs are atheistically centered. I have a lot of spiritual beliefs. I believe in karma. The energetic way that your moral code is validated. What you do unto others comes back to you. I believe in reincarnation. The energetic way for your spirit to be recycled in the cosmos. I believe in love. The ultimate way of expressing yourself to those whom understand you most. I don't need a "god" for any of this. And I don't need anyone's validation. All I need is to know this is what is true to me. And it is.

All the while I'm teaching my daughter to be open minded and find her own beliefs. We go to christian church sometimes. She celebrates the christian holidays with some family. I celebrate the pagan wheel of the year with her. We honor the earth together. Sometimes we try to see fairies in the garden or out on nature walks. I talk about myths and lore from other cultures with her. When she asks me questions I answer them to the best of my knowledge or we try to find the answer together and seek others advice. It's so wonderful to see her forming her own belief system and I am going to be so proud of her no matter what it is she believes.

My point being that it's for each person to decide what is true to themselves. I'm glad you have your beliefs despite my disagreeing because I've found some people really need that belief in their "god(s)". I'm certain of my choice to not believe in certain things while I continue to learn and find answers to the questions that still linger. I hope to never cease learning. Religious and spiritual beliefs are most intriguing to me.

I would like to join in...

A lot of the times I hear people say everyone should judge themselves what is right and what is wrong, or "morality is just an opinion"

There is a universal right and a wrong. If each man were to come up with there own set of morals, then who would be able to say that what they did was wrong? I mean if a cannibal wants to eat somebody else, i guess its ok... because HE believes its ok.

The difference between Christianity and all other religions is the moral code that Jesus teaches is absolutely perfect. Which he sums up as:

"Love your neighbor as you would love yourself"

If you are truly trying to follow the Christian religion then you will avoid sin as much as possible. Not because of "Greed for heaven" as a lot of atheists like to say, and not because of fear of hell, although one would obviously want to go to heaven and not go to hell. But because of Love. Love feels good, and when you love yourself and love God then you are then able to truly love others.

Its simple:

How do atheists try to explain the beginning of the world? It always comes down to, well this happened (big bang theory), or this happened (multiple universes), or something happened before that happened, and so on and so forth.

The universe is exactly the size it needs to be for all life to exists. Do you know how crazy it is that we are even alive on this planet? The chances are RIDICULOUS that this would happen. At some point you have to believe in God otherwise you are plainly just being down right irrational. Something had to have created the big bang, or however the universe started. What is easier to believe, that matter always existed? or that God always existed. Matter always existing is very irrational - I mean - its pretty much unscientific.

As for atrocities committed by "religious people." These people were obviously not religious and were the worst types of hypocrites possible. Did Jesus say to convert people by force? Lol, no he let people crucify him! (one huge difference between Christianity and Islam*) Any Christian that tries to convert by force is doing a bad deed, and is not following Jesus' example. (those that live by the sword die by the sword)

Anyways, it is also well documented that more atrocities have been done by atheists than religious people anyways, so that argument is moot.

(this whole website is good)

Take a look around you. You are living in a 3 dimensional world, and have the ability to make moral judgment. Do you know any other animal that can appreciate art or make moral judgments?

Basically if you don't believe in God, then morals really don't mean anything. All that matters is that you live long enough and maybe "Fall in Love" with the opposite sex. If you live by a moral code, then you will probably enhance your chances of living longer, but the meaning of life pretty much comes down to "Who is the alpha dog" and "Make yourself happy cuz this life doesn't last."

But then what is love? - A chemical reaction? What is the point of getting married? Without God, love is just a trick nature plays on you so that you keep the species going. And once that chemical reaction is over then so is the Love.

Love is more than a chemical reaction my friends. True love comes from God, and believing in him will allow you to love yourself so that you may love others, because when the chemical reaction is over, the morality of staying with your spouse to honor your vows or for your children is when you will be able to show your true love.

A rise in Atheism - a rise in Divorce, do you see a pattern! Atheists should not get married by their own logic! Basically what I am saying here, is atheism is very irrational at its core. Most Atheists are smart, and usually that is their downfall.

*Passage that tells muslims to convert by force:

Qur'an (9:29) - "Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued."

Religion(God,Satan) is a BELIEF! Science is FACT! Did god make man or did man make god? MAN MADE GOD! you have to be a gullible,weak minded human to BELIEVE in god and satan! I was 15 wen i told myself there is no god! even wen i went to sunday school as a child i found it hard to believe in this god! i just cood not allow myself to believe in god or satan cause it made no sense to me at all! i was fooled by santa wen i was young and for some reason i put god and satan on the same pedestall and then destroyed it! In the history of man not once did this god ever acknowledge our exsistanse! Y? because god does not exsist! no matter wat creationists say... in the end of their argument there is still 0% proof of gods exsistance! if only religion could be eradicated! the world would be such a better place! more holy wars,no more lies from the church! no more oppression of women,no more gays and lesbeins being singled out and killed,how can religion punish u just because of ur sexual orientation? everyone knows u don't hav a choice of wat ur sexual preferance is! ur born either straight,gay, bisexual etc. its not a choice! just read the bible and u will see how evil it really is! Bibles including the karaan were written by MAN! thank goodness i'm not a gullible weak minded human like 90% of the population! i hope this mass delusion of the planet is destroyed in one swift stroke! Religion is a CANCER to this planet that needs to b eradicated! its true....oh its true! wake up u religious freaks and be set free from the clutches of the cancer called religion!

Good for you. Always believe what's within.

Idk based off the movie queen white people made religion to control the blacks when they lost their right to slavery I furthermore keep my mind WIDE open because there are so many lies I really don't know what to believe in anymore religion has killed installed fear became rich and powerful off of others need for a GOD, president, priest who molest little children ******* gross and a government let's not forget church! Also after watching joan of arc and behind the Da'vinci code they say joan of arc was lying about hearing voices from GOD because she didn't have the proper catholic teaching so they burned her and "christ" because he believe of finding the god/goddess with in and not going to church...mane religion was made by man so has their god... And I rather find the god/goddess with-in than read that bible bullshit... No one is going to make me believe what they want me to believe in....that bible is one step away from being new world order.

Actually, I believe that there is one God/Goddess but with MANY aspects. Just as you have many many aspects.

Similar to the five blind men and the Elephant it would be even harder for any one human to see and understand our Mother Goddess. Hardest of all aspects would be the Dark Goddess whose gift is pain…DD

Haha, yes there is Kali. But that was her role as a god. If there were truly only one god and it acted the way it's written I'd be scared for my life and definitely not want myself or any loved ones to share eternity in the afterlife with it if there were such a thing.

( WhyForever I like and respect your view. At least you didn't just happen to believe what your family in there region happens to believes and have your own “makes sense to me” spiritual path.

On topic…about this Christian-Muslim God…

From the worlds center of extreme male chauvinistic suppression of the female now and way back then comes the books/Bible.

Not only are the leaders of all the Christian/ Catholic Muslim and who ever else that base there “religion” on the selected books/Bible, performing the single greatest organized con job in written History (I told my students that History was in fact, literally “his-story”) but this god himself that there organized religion is based on is clearly insane.

Ha! There are many opinions as to what “God “ is but we have it written in stone by “God” himself that He is …Exodus 20 : 5…for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, punishing children for the iniquity of parents, to the third and the fourth generation of those who reject me.”

Read any of hundreds of books on then subject of “Jealousy” and you will understand we are dealing with a neurotic god with low self esteem.

But HE goes much further and threatens all of us who would reject HIM with “…punishing children for the iniquity of parents, to the third and the fourth generation of those who reject me.”

Now we have a god that is clearly criminally insane! Any human making threats like that would be locked up!

Again “punishing children”. I can tell you one thing, these are not the words of a Mother Goddess. Ha!...DD

(OK, there is Kali…)

haha, that's great GF

it was way past my bedtime when I wrote this, ya, bedtime. and my head hurt and I was in dim light, sure, that's the ticket, then jesus came to me and I asked him how to spell autobahn and he gave me this ****, so you see, it was not my fault

Do churches do works of charity, undoubtedly. Do churches foster a feeling of community? Irrefutably. Do churches enhance the lives of the people and animals of this earth? absolutely not.

For all the good done by these institutions they all, every last one of them vomit forth ignorance and superstition and hail it as wisdom and fact.

Christians have dead guys flying off to the clouds, Jews have their penis preoccupation, Muslims revel in misogyny and Hindus exert cruelty in their casts, upon populations doomed to living hells blessed by the gods.

Churches do good, for sure, but they exact a terrible price. Each drop of water comes with the ignorance spread about a floating zoo. Every morsel of food is paid for by the clitoral mutilation of an innocent girl.

There is no good in teaching children to emulate the life of a parasitic huckster who calls himself Guru, Father, Imam, Rabbi or Pastor.

Do churches do good, yes, but Hitler built the Audubon, Mussolini made the trains run on time and Nero built the Colosseum

And that's exactly where morals should come from. You don't need any outside source to know what is right and wrong. If one does, there must be other issues that individual has. And you're right in that the bible says tons of ludicrous things along those lines. I've found some christians who claim the old testament has no bearing in the world today or even since the time of christ because "He washed away all our sins so that we don't need to do all the things that used to need to be" which I find amusing. It's just all so ridiculous. Thank you BV :)

I agree with the both of you. So refreshing.

Well I see no need to go throught the untrustworthy middle man of church to help the needy. I give my hard earned cashs/secondhand clothes/food to the actual people themselves. I give it to reputable organisations that are work on the sole basis of helping others less fortunate, I dont need to go through a religious organisation to do good deeds.

In my opinion, all organized religion is wrong. Look throughout history and see the wars and death that have been caused simply by two or more people not agreeing on religion. Look at the chaotic death that's going on TODAY because of religion. While these religious leaders are over here screaming "Look, we fed the hungry.", they fail to tell you how many people elsewhere have died simply because they refused to adhere to and follow those leaders.

Oh and thank you bubblegum! :)

Ok Fascade, first off I think charities are great and yes, churches that donate money and raise money for charity is also great, but not all do so. Instead of donating the money they would use to build the church I would suggest other options such as homeless shelters or soup kitchens etc. Especially when there are over dozens of churches in whatever given city. Even some charities don't donate as much of their profits as I would want them to or think they should. I should hope people look extensively into anything they put money into.

I also think the christian religion teaches great values in some ways and have no problem with that factor. I'm not mad at anyone or anything and rarely hold grudges. Plus it matters not what the "majority" of founders believed. Religious freedom is religious freedom, or at least it should be. Finally, it's amusing to me that you would comment in an "I don't believe in god" forum just to state an opposing argument.

"What made you think that in order to be a caring humaitarian, you must therefore be christian?"

I in no way insinuated that. You read what you wanted to read, based on your bitter bias against christianity.

"The church makes enough money to feed the five thousand and yet two of our main clergy's own's not one but two palice's. So does the pope and so does the arch bishop of canterbury."

First, the five thousand was 'made' by the church as you state. What if the church didn't exist? There undoubtably would have been no money raised.

Second, these people you speak of did not write the bible, they are simple humans filled with sin, as the bible dictates. Further, you speak of Roman Catholics of whom I do not agree. The Roman Catholic's uprise was indeed a control mechanism and was blatantly outed by the Protestant movement.

Would you accept my using a confused atheist's actions to classify all atheists? Are all atheists "angry atheists"? No, they are not. There are educated, open-minded atheists and there are ignorant, narrow-minded atheists. The same is true with religious people, and as with any profession, their title does not exclude them from being undesirable. Again, this is simply a human trait - not a christian trait or an atheistism trait. Just a human trait. No human escapes it.

The verse you quoted applies to such horrible people and I agree completely with the point that verse you quoted is making. There are many, many hypocrites in religion, particularly Christianity. I know this; I see it all the time.

I noticed another interesting point in the story - that America was founded for religous freedom. Technically, yes but are you aware that the majority of its founders were Jesuits who "In God..." they trusted?

"And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full. But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. "

Matthew 6: 5-6

Hail churches, synagogues etc etc.

Money going in all the right places and i will explain this...

Fascade, from previous posts you have made, you seem to be the illogical, foggy thinking one. Don't you get it? What made you think that in order to be a caring humaitarian, you must therefore be christian? The church makes enough money to feed the five thousand and yet two of our main clergy's own's not one but two palice's. So does the pope and so does the arch bishop of canterbury, these people that profess to people about the morals of selflessnes. Its an embarassment to humanity.

Perhaps you are the one that bear's a grudge!

If you took the money it took to build the church, that would be a one-time donation. However, if you build a church that attracts people and their donations in an endless stream of cash, then the church can donate as long as it has members.

By your same logic, no charity should exist. They should have merely donated the cash they raised for founding to a charity as opposed to having used it to establish an organization that provides a practically endless flow of cash to the needy.

Also, religion (Christianity in particular) teaches that everyone should believe in themselves and 'love thy neighbor', give to the needy, etc.

It is distubing that you've thought so much about this yet have missed these elementary concepts.

Come to terms with who exactly you're mad at, forgive them and move on. The only explanation for your lack of logic is an illogically biased grudge.

I made an account just to dislike your comment. Also 1) not alot of money that goes to the church gets donated 2) There is no endless stream of cash(are you retarded?) it all comes from people who believe that by donating to the church theyre "better" people, when instead they can just donate money themselves without most of the cash being leeched off of 3) parents and common sense should be teaching kids to believe in themselves and love thy neighbour (not that people should need to love eachother anyway) the needy dont need to be given things they need to be taught self sustainability and to buy out of mainstream society 4) It is distubing that you've thought so much about this yet have missed these elementary concepts.

Come to terms with who exactly you're mad at, forgive them and move on. The only explanation for your lack of logic is an illogically biased grudge.

Most churches donate approximately 75% of donations.

There is an endless stream of cash via donations because the earth continues to remain inhabited, and people continue to go to church.

The rest of this gibberish is not respectful enough to garner comment.

Wow... WTF?