Slept. Woke up. "EP is shutting down". What!

That sucks honestly. I've been here for over a year and it feels like I just joined. Is anyone willing to pay the right amount of money to keep this place up?

I doubt there's a site here like EP but if there is. Do share, I'm sure you'll will something or two. Then again, freezing EP might be good for some members, reasons being valid.

Sad. This sucks. Nothing good will last long. So many amazing people on here. Most definitely will not want to communicate with you outside of EP but, will miss you!

I don't say goodbyes. Smile, be happy, express and expand your life. Love yourself. Be you and be these best version of you. Make the best of the time you have and don't let the bad days hold you down.

Something something. Be happy!
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I love you Leah

I too feel the same EP should not shut down, I recently created an account for my wife

Wait what? I just joined like 2 weeks ago - bogus

its really sad :(

I've contributed $5 a month. Maybe if more members contributed some of their funds monthly to EP, we can keep it open.


i dont like it that theyre shutting down either

Apparently you didnt actually read the announcement cause moneys not the issue. Its cause of the fucktards that ruined this site that theyre deciding to freeze the site, which also means its not necessarily shutting down. The sites just being frozen so it can also be unfrozen so the site could be back up at a later date. Like putting your account on vacation mode but the site isnt useable

Don't worry, it's not Confirm that it is going to be close, Ep is taking pause.. Maybe it can open again

Who can't they create a trial version and after a few weeks ask the users who will want to stay (for good reasons) to contribute into the app/ecosystem? (so that it will grow)
Every product needs an intended market audience/funding to last..😢 this is saddening but thank you for reaching out and letting everyone know how you feel, this is what experience project can do, bring people together, even during times of great change..

Gimme yo kik or something gurl

I'm new here and already EP will be closed?

You may be young but you're an "old soul".
I enjoyed reading your posts.

There's a site i just heard about called Relate to looks similar to EP. But I'm so sad EP is shutting down :(

It was developed by an EP alum. Patterned after the "old style" EP. I think quite a few may migrate there.

It looks nice..but is there an app for it? lol

That I don't know. I'm thinking probably not. But you could always access it with a browser.

Can you send it to me

Hey :) I actually just found out about this other site. It's called Relate to That and it looks real similar to EP. Just type into your browser and it should work :)

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There's a petition.
As far as money goes, it wouldn't take much if most of the people participated.

I am sure there are other sites like this one out there,,, or get emails from people you like and live on through that...