I believe in taking pleasure and I don't feel a dayum bit guilty about it ever!

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:) I don't remember that time Ar.

How about when nothing was wrong with you?

Ar, When I was in a coma and when I had the flu, oh and after my friend died. <br />
<br />
HikerBiker... You sound like you are speaking from experience. :)

You ever sleep for 48 hours?

I need sleep too. :)

so i start it 1-2 hours after you go to bed then. I really need my sleep.. I have problems, but that is another story.

:) not anymore. I have a 1:00 ET curfew now lol

In all fairness i start the day before you go to bed.

6? serious?

I do have more questions for you, but every time i think of asking i am drained, Just like i am now. 6pm is my bed time...


Secret is safe with me.

I actually like it. Don't tell anyone though.

Can't help it.. i have a lot of questions..

:) (fungirl smiles because Arorin is telling the truth lol)

That made me laugh, because i am this wise *** you spoke of. That fits me so well you don't even know..

I want all the answers but then some wise *** will go and change all the questions.

I just wish i had the answers. It would make things a lot easier for me, or maybe it wouldn't i don't know that either.

I know you don't. Sometimes I don't either.

I really don't know what to believe...

Please = good! Guilt = bad! Enough said.