Screw That Teaching

It is so obvious that its nothing more than a teaching used to scare people.  It is absolutely sickening that people are okay with some cosmic torture chamber just because you did not join their religion, or some small sins committed in your short life.  If you are absolutely okay with that, then theres something wrong with you.  I respect other peoples religious beliefs, but this is one I cannot respect at all.  Its absolutely horrible, and no wonder Evangelicals are so deranged.  Plus, logically how can God be love if he is willing to torture someone for all eternity?  People say he has given us a choice.  Really?  So its also loving for a parent to let a three year old run into the street and do nothing about it, cause their "Free will"?  Either way, you cannot claim to know a God of love who is at the same time going to let you go into Eternal Misery.  Who on earth would freely choose that?  NO ONE!  Its so obvious, there is absolutely no way to make Eternal misery a loving thing.  You would have to use abstract reasoning.  I can understand a temporary hell to reform a person.  Why do we let people make mistakes?  To learn.  I know, its tough love.  But punishment without end is just plain cruel, and no amount of abstract reasoning is going to justify it. 
If you think Hell is justice, than you are one sick minded person.  So according to them, Hurricane Katrina was not that big of a deal, they deserved it.  But then why did people rush to the aid of the suffering?  I dont know, probably cause deep down they are of good conscience and justify needless eternal torture.  Your a sicko if you are okay with that.  And your an idiot if you worship such an evil God. 
Plus the whole teaching does not fit well with the rest of the bible.  But those fundy preachers just love the thought of roasting souls for all eternity. 

ratburn ratburn
Aug 10, 2010