God Is A God Of Justice!! So They Say...

((Note: I am not a Christian, or an Abrahamist in general, but I completely sympathize with the no such thing as Hell crowd. If Christianity wants to survive as a religion, it will need to dump any threat of Hell.))

Unfortunately, Hell is entirely a contradiction to the "God = Love" equation that many people, including my old "Morality" teacher, speak of. It is also a contradiction to a reasonable God. Hell is a place of permanent punishment where there is no hope from escaping. It is implicit in the OT, which makes me ultimately question the validity of the OT. Purgatory makes more sense in that it's not permanent, rather it serves more as a rehabilitation/healing center for those who have done wrong.

In recent times, I've noticed a more common stance on people who arrogantly claim to know God - "God is a God of Justice!" Yes, clearly that is to be expected from adherents to the God of the OT, who would rather see blood-shed rather then see forgiveness. Consciously, many do not directly think that, but unconsciously many I know would love the idea of all of their detractors burning forever in a pit of suffering.

Some times, I've wondered how much of the OT is a complete lie (from my non-Christian view, all of it) - after all, it was the CHURCH that put it all (the Bible, I mean) together. The Church isn't God - just more people who arrogantly claim to be the only ones capable of connecting you with God. They selected several different books that would ultimately fit into the Bible, while rejecting several others. It should be of interest to read those omitted chapters, if possible, to see why the Church did not want it in the Bible.

The OT often seems as a testament to the bitterness of a race of people who want to see their idea of God manifest and kill everyone else. I am under the impression that the OT is not necessary for the NT to make sense. That implies Jesus (if you believe he is the savior) came for an entirely different reason then what people tend to say - to fulfill the OT, save everyone from Hell. Perhaps Jesus wanted to save everyone from PURGATORY! Purgatory isn't a terrible place, but Heaven is clearly better from the Christian view.

The OT has some vague truths, so it's not entirely a lie (barely), but all of the killing and bloodshed are not of the truth.

Religion means reconnection, reconnection with yourself/with God, that is. It is not about people in long robes telling you that you are a sinner who will go to Hell if you don't repent. The only thing that can be claimed about God is that God is the most logical and reasonable One there is! After all, everything you sense around you is mathematics. God would need to be a Mathematicians, and an extremely logical person for any of matter to exist. There is no evidence (except in the fallacious OT) to assert that God is a God of justice. A reasonable God would not send you to Hell for not going to Church on Sunday. That's just silly and it's all balderdash.

Hell cannot exist with a loving God.
Hell cannot exist with a reasonable God.
If Hell exists, then God is solely for justice (against his own creation) and is not interested in your well being.
Take your pick!
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