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If there is a hell, maybe we're in it.
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Hell is simply mankind's common grave or resting place at death. Good and Bad persons go to hell. Jesus went to hell or hades (Greek word for hell) and was dead for three days in mankind's common grave before being resurrected back to life by his heavenly Father (Ecclesiastes 3:19,20; Acts 2:23,24).

If we were in HELL everyone would suffer 10 times worse then what they are suffering now.Sure the World is a little jacked up but understand that what you are suffering isn't anything compared to HELL.We go through hard times but GOD did not promise us it would be all goody goody and such,he promised us eternal life WOW!! what a gift!!

How do you know?

There is that theory. Then there is the theory that we create it for ourselves while in our spirit form. How long we choose to remain there is also up to that thought process. It is a rather comforting thought .. that i could be the difference between your choice of thoughts.. hmmmm...


:) edit that *it could be the diff between your choice of thoughts :)

Oh I see

let me answer the question on" how do i know?" i know because the Bible tells you.If you want to know the truth just pick up your Bible and study it.And if you just do not want to do that go to a church service they will defiantly tell you. And it might be a comforting thought to think it is all up to you.But i am not going to sugar coat it.It is not up to you weather it is your thought or someone elses. You are going to do the things GOD has lined up for you.GOD does everything for a reasonable purpose.It might seem like total and complete hell at first but in the end something good comes out of it.

oh and we are not on HELL.The world might seem like hell because of everyone and what everyone is going through.But trust me we are not ON HELL.

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