"no hell below us, above us only sky..."  What a strange concept  you play by a dogmatic rule or have eternal pain - seems pretty Hitlerish to me.


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Hell was actually a Goddess to begin with. She was the one who would take care of the Viking souls after they died. She would care for them until they made up their mind if they wanted to go to Valhalla or back to earth for another life. <br />
The Bible turned her into a place of eternal damnation to keep people in line. All cults use the threat of a bad place or seperation from their God as a way to control their members. It's nothing new.<br />
I prefer not to live my life governed by a fairy tail that was made up by men for men with an agenda of control. IMHO. :)

Hell? No Way we are off on another Journey into another life breath of a new life.

Not sure what you're getting at here...<br />
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...personally, some days, I think we are already in hell, or purgatory at least...