People who are insistent usually have to learn the hard way. But with time they learn to back off.i dont mind entertaining the idea of hearing anyone's philosophies or religious veiws, but the problem comes in to veiw when what ever they are insisting upon contradict Gods word the Bible. God's desires, His laws, His wisdom and even His foolishness reigns over human traditions. He has first and the final say on everything. We either choose to yeild to the God of thw Bible on His terms here and now or we will yeild to Him involuntarily later. The Bible teaches that it is a terrifying thing to be in the grasp of the living God as a trasngressor. Trusting man made religions or philosophies will come with the ultimate price. A price no one will be prepared to give on that last day.
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Back off. You're in the wrong topic.

no, i intentionally posted here.

Same guy was insulting me elsewhere just moments ago. Bless those who persecute us. Have a good night man.

blessings to you man, dont let any hecklers ruin your day.

Never do. It means we are doing something right 👍🏻👍🏻

I know. So back off.

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