The goal of labeling birth culture, class, race, religion, sexual orination, and political choice has successfully divided the country and ensured the status of us all. 

I'm this and you are that.  This group deserves more than the others.  If I don't have it then it is not fair.  My beliefs have to be yours to.  It has to be changed because this group do not like it.

goal number one - Together we stand  

goal number two -  divided we fall

which goal are you?


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Imo, classyfing ones self as "Asian-American" or "Native-Americam" or '"African-American" is a way to say "I am proud of my history, I am This as well as That" It shouldn't ever be considered something Bad to be half this and half that. Ones heritage is something that should always be cherished and celebrated and not broken down into considering being a Hyphenated - American is wrong..... or shamful. Its not dividing anyone unless You make it that way

tek, thank you for sharing but I have no issue with you standing for your history as an American. I don't mind you stating you are Asian-American.<br />
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It is when some take this and use it as a way to impose on others how they feel they have been wronged, or that they deserve more than all others.<br />
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Each American has a history in their family of being an American and that history is the foundation of this country and you should pass it on to your children and share as you did here. However, there are times when our individual histories need to be let go for a short time to join together as one American.

I am not in disagreement with your pride. That's great. <br />
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I am Asian-American so I am sorry if this is not the ideal...but I am not sorry for declaring it for specific reasons. I've long thought over it though. I was full American ignorant of my parents' homelands before having something deeply change me.<br />
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WWII-Bataan Death March marks my ancestry in a profound and personal way. The American military and the Filipino rebel forces are both a part of me and my history. So does the liberation of Guam. See how there's a duality there. Where my parents have come from did benefit from being liberated in some fashion so...I hope that explains it.<br />
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My duality of respecting both my father's homeland as well as my own in America may not fit your definition of loyalty to America but it does to me. I have a good portion of my existence and freedoms to thank America for.<br />
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You are free to think this way. And I am glad that your loyalty is one definition and uncomplicated. But my own definition is different. I will stand with America but I am sorry that I do not fit the definition.

i so agree. It is more of a divider than a uniter. <br />
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i agree with how orien said it.

Together we stand. Our fearless leaders divide us to pit one group against the other. Class warfare benefits them.<br />
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I have never been anything but an American. It has never crossed my mind to say that I am German American, or European American or what have you.