Short Term, Long Distance...sure...long Term, Long Distance...not A Chance!

I used to believe long distance relationships could work.I still believe that, at least for the short term... But that was 12 years ago. I had been dating my then boyfriend, now husband for 2 years when the air force took him overseas for months at a time. We made it work then with everyday letters and few and far between phone calls. Things were awesome when he came home so I figured I would be a decent military wife. After we got married he left the air force only to be a contractor and deploy more than when he was in the service. During that time we fought constantly (mostly about money), then we had two kids and the arguments evolved to parenting AND money. You think money relieves stress, well not quite. Each and every raise brought on new toys and gadgets to which I had an argument for. I was becoming a *****. Not intentionally but more as retaliation for not being with us. Now after being married for 8 years, he lives in Hawaii, otherwise known as Paradise while I am here stateside raising the kids with growing hostility. I'm sorry, but Skype and Face-time and all those other electronic forms of communication can't fix the miles between us. We grew apart despite our efforts but I truly believe that if we were to at least live under the same roof that maybe we could have grown together instead of apart.
Achange4me Achange4me
26-30, F
Jun 30, 2012