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Another Fantasy Why Don't Ppl Just Wake Up And See Reality

Love is just another fantasy ppl need to wake up and see reality. Reality really sees love like this a dark horrid place with all that valentines crap you get all torn and trashed on the floor black rose petals scattered then you see a girl with black long hair covering her face she wears a long black dress that's torn from some parts of the side she walks barefoot letting the trash and ruble touch her feet she doesn't stop walking until she reaches a cave when she gets out a bright light stars shining and now she has entered the fantasy. Fantasy sees love like this the girl's feet touch the soft green grass her torn black dress turns a bright red and her hair no longer covers her hair it changes into a beautiful light brown and you can see her brown eyes her small but pretty lips she looks wonderful and she is then met by her love a handsome dirty blonde with dark blue eyes that look like the setting waves of the ocean when you stare right at them but this is only a fantasy not a reality ppl need to wake up from their fantasy and then they will find reality waiting for them and fantasy will still exist but not for love and romance
fax4ever fax4ever 16-17, F 1 Response Dec 25, 2011

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Wow I am amazed since I'm turning 13 in 71 days and can still know so much about things more than those who are still with fantasy