I Love You But...

Never really understood loving relationships. I thought everybody fought, yelled, screamed and hit. That was what I came up knowing. Then in my mid-twenties something magical (or I thought so at the time) happened. I learned of another side. A side where people got along. There was no screaming, no violence, no tears of rage and sadness disguised as love. This other side was like OZ- it was families who said I love you. Sisters, brothers, Mothers, Fathers all respecting one another and loving one another. Years went by and this other side just seemed to get better and better. Then one day, something happens- that quaint "loving" side of life, this OZ I lived in- crashed down. As I stood staring at the pieces of broken "love", I began to realize that OZ wasn’t what I thought. It, in its facade of smiles and words, harbored the same true meaning of love as what I came up knowing- OZ just hides it so cleverly, wrapped in lies and selfish deceit whereas the other side wears it on their sleeve. Does love exist? Yes- but it is the definition of love that so often gets murky. People love one another BUThey hurt one another. They love when it is convenient for them, but they always come first. Unconditional love is a joke because the only true pure love is that of one’s self. The words so resigning in themselves..."She loves him but..., I love you but...., He loves her but..."

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1 Response Apr 23, 2012

So true, there is always conditions, as if they are perfect themselves.<br />
Been there. Selfish partners, or people who always blame others, and they<br />
are never at fault, there is red flags. There is good ones but they are far and few<br />
in between. True love is someone who accepts you even when you have flaws,<br />
no one is perfect. Take care, hope love deals you a better hand soon.