Fantasy Land!

I thought I loved a woman once, but now I question all of it! Was it real? Did love actually enter the equation at all? Was I just a fool? Blinded? Feels like it was all a dream, a fantasy. If it was real, wouldn't I have found it somewhere?

Now I'm not so sure I believe in love at all. I've spent some time looking for it. Spent a lot of time not looking for it. And all it is, is a 4 letter word. I've come back, full circle, to the conclusion that these wrods are meaningless and nonexistant in my world. Love and Romance are just words in the dictionary.

SonicReducer75 SonicReducer75
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5 Responses Apr 4, 2010

I believe in lust many a time I have fallen for a girl thinking t'was love. until I met someone better looking then I wanted her no more.

I appreciate your kind words and support! I've never really had luck with love, so I got to a point where I quite simply gave up. I'm out of energy in that department.

Looking back at this after a year and half, and reading these new comments...I've been through a lot of change since I wrote this. I've pretty much given up however and accepted where my life is now: solo. I even avoid women, romantically. It's now been 3 years since I've even been touched by a women, and I'm finally at a point where it doesn't bother me anymore. I don't even understand relationships or "love" anymore. I've stopped looking for both. I'm putting energy into my spiritual health these days. Finding my peace.

It's the strangest thing... how a cool and interesting guy such as yourself is having so much trouble in the love dept. Look in the mirror... see what I see? A great looking guy who is smart and your even focusing on your spiritual health, Your Inner Being! How super cool is that! Don't expect to be solo for to long... If you want love it's all yours!

It sound like you might have not actually fallen in love with someone. Or are you someone who habitually doubts everything and analyzes a lot? Besides feeling physically attracted, If you want to please a woman and it matters a lot to you to make her happy, and you feel distraught if you can't, that might indicate you're in love. If what she thinks of you matters a lot to you and you feel on top of the world when she lets you know she thinks you're a great guy .... maybe even the greatest guy on this whole planet, and you've never felt better ... then these are not just words in the dictionary. The right woman makes you feel this way.

Sad to hear that you almost lost the passion for LOVE. Probably that wasn't the right person for you and most of all that wasn't the right time for you to really fall in love. Take it easy mate, love will come to you in the most unexpected way. Don't give up!