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The only reason I say I don't believe in love is because I never seen it do anybody any good. I've never heard it without hate coming from it. I guess this comes from how I grew up. Broken house. Hateful family. Then when I got older I blocked the emotion completely. I refuse to love or let anyone love me. I can't even really say I know what it means. I don't know what it feels and I don't think I want to. Come to think of it I don't hear that word too often. No one ever says it and means it. Just to say the word makes me feel like my tongue is going to set on fire.

How can a word so small cause people so much pain? Is it even worth it? Why bother?
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There's a fine line between love and hate. Love is a powerful thing but that's only if it's true. I do believe in it because I've felt it. But sometimes it's too much to bare...

i don't believe in love either it destroyed my family

i think love is something people say to make themselves feel wanted

i dont believe in love i think its a stupid care and respect

I love in a not so sadistic way love pleasure

This is odd but I just learned love is pain I come to realize unconditional love is pain forever

Why should hate be bound to love? I love playing the piano, I love rainy sunday mornings and I love having a nice bath. There is no hate there. People concentrate to much on romantic science fiction. You must first be able to love, before you can give it to others and be ready to receive. That means also you must be able to love yourself. If you don't love yourself, how can you expect others to?<br />
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Learn to be happy with the little things, like how rain feels on your skin, or how cold a winter day feels. When you get to know yourself you can start looking for mr right.<br />
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You love having a nice bath because you hate being dirty, though I won't make strong assumptions on the other two. Maybe you'd hate playing other instruments? Do rainy Sunday mornings relax you? Probably because you'd hate being too tensed out.
I, too, love certain hobbies, and would really hate it if people denied me these pleasures. I'd also hate having to perform the logical antithesis of my hobbies. If I did not love those hobbies, why would I care if someone took them from me?