Love Is a Lie

I've come close to believing in love several times, but I am always brought back to the real world by the cold reality of life.

I was even engaged, I was with the same man from 16-20, only to realize I didnt love him, I loved the idea of having someone and not having to do the dating game.  I've been in & out of ridiculous fronts, no real relationships since then.  The closest I've come to true love was my best friend and when he showed his true self after 3 years, I realized just how big a lie I'd lived in everything I'd shared with him.  He jumped at every chance to talk smack about the men I dated, do things to make them jealous, to try to come between us, but when it came down to it, at least one of those men is one I can still count on to this day to truly be there if I need a FRIEND.  I have love for that person, but I don't LOVE them, not as in being IN love with them.  I don't believe humans are made to feel true, honest, passionate, all consuming, monogamous love, we're just not wired that way.  We are wired to feel all consuming lust with the occasional emotion thrown in to complicate things.

**** love, it's a joke.
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2006

It can be sad, or it can be a good thing - its all in what you make of it. If you come to terms with the concept, it's something you can make peace with and learn to enjoy things on a more primal, basic level. At least, that's the theory I've evolved to at this point.

I pretty much agree, and that makes me very sad.