No Prince Charming For Me.

All my life I have never really felt love, only hate. I dont believe that this world has love anymore. I dont think that I am capable of even receiving love for another. It just doesnt seem like it is possible to love someone without reason. When I was young I would watch the disney movies, you know the ones with the princess that was always saved by prince charming and they live happily ever after. I dreamt of that when I was little, I waited for a long time for prince charming, he never came. I gave up. I have had many relationships in my life and I must say they never ended in happily ever after.
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1 Response May 9, 2012

But you're still so young! Dont' give up because of those lousy guys in your past! I believe that everyone deserves love and is capable of love, it just depends on if they choose to show it and accept it. Prince Charming may not exist but the right man does. He'll enter your life when the time is right, and who knows that may not be until you're thirty, but that true deep love is worth waiting for right? I hope you meet your man soon :)