It's Just An Over-developed Primal Instinct

I'm not the broken-hearted cynic lashing out in bitterness yada yada. Actually, most of my "love stories" were very passionate, and I was the one who always broke us up. I just can't take the "commitment" thing. I am obsessed with my personal space. I believe it is my right to simply disappear from my world for awhile, without having to answer to someone, "Oh my god I missed you so much baby!" "I can't go to sleep without you!" "I just wanted to hear your voice" blah blah blah.

Personally, I believe love the way people present it in novels, movies, songs, etc, is like Utopia: it's perfect, it's inspiring, we all want to find it, and we all know it's illusory.

For me, love is nothing but the advanced human form of the reproductive instinct for the continuation of the species; just like flush toilets are the advanced human form of a hole in the sand for cats. We're highly developed mammals, so it follows naturally that we express our instincts in a highly developed form. That's why I don't really understand how humanity managed to separate make "love" something distinct from "sex"; they should be synonyms. Actually, I consider love to be the name prudes subconsciously give their sexual instinct.

Love is the delusional fantasy that two can be in together. I'd rather be on my own' life deals me enough **** to keep me busy for a lifetime - why add to it somebody else's ****?

Love is magical comfort food for the weak and the uneducated. Yeah, it makes you feel all warm and relevant, but in the end, love leaves you weak, dependent, and fat (Ghosts of Girlfriends Past)

Love is when only a smile from your sweetheart can make your heart beat faster. Then it's the realization that you're such a stooge, when you learn that the revved pulse isn't because you're darling is an angel, but because of some adrenaline propelled into your system by a primal and instinctive sex drive.

I read this wonderful editorial about how everything people call "love" is just the physical, physiologic response to hormonal influences. Check it out here

Some people say they fall in love to find their "better half"; and that's exactly why I don't need love: I'm not missing a half.
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May 14, 2012