I Belive That A Person Can Love Someone But He/she Cant Fall In Love

i liked some guys ,.... because of thier talking or the way that they looked but i never loved someone.... what does love even mean..?????
you want to always be near that person or you miss him when his not around or you just cant control urself when u see him???
these things belong to movies and books .... because we keep on living whith our mind... i can say that we need air and food and some onle to live with and we need friends and ... but love is not true in this world ... so i may like someone but i will neeeeeeeeeeeeeveeeeeeeeeer fall in love.....
anitasky anitasky
1 Response May 25, 2012

for me i never fall in love and i agree with you when u said "these things belong to movies and books"