The Reason Why I Don't Believe In Love And Never Will

i dont believe in love just like how some people dont belive in god ,i just think its stupid and a waste of time .being 16 my friends find it hard to belive that this is true even though i never really had a real boyfriend because its silly whats is just going to happen is that we have sex we break up for some reason and its just not me .
maybe if i told you of my past it would make more sense i guess.well in my childhood it was mainly my mum who brought me up but she was still married and my dad dint work he wasn't really a dad which i soon learnt out the hard way .and at that age i guess i did believe because i had silly crush on boys in my years and all that .but the **** hit the fan when i was 9 years old when i heard from people talking behind my back the my dad raped my best friend and her sister ,that same day i came home to the police at the door and then it hit me if somebody that close to you can do that to some body he loves ,does love even exist that same night when my dad was told to go to a friends house as he was not allowed to see me or my brother because of our age our house got set on fire , lucky nobody was hurt

later on when the high courts banned me from seeing my dad my mother got a boyfriend and the first thing she said was that whatever happens we will always come first no matter what but that does change when your step dad a total **** and when ever your mother out will try to hurt me or cause trouble for me .and when i say hurt sometime its physically like when he dragged me out the house and cut my arm badly and some time its emotianaly like he will say all this rubbish and ,since my mum met him she not my mum and it was the final nail in the coffin like if your own mum fails on you and that kind of love boned then why is it torn so easy answer because its not real its a figment of our imagination because in this time of people living longer we are scared to be alone but not me i accept it and im okay with knowing that the only reason is why im living is because of science and not because destiny put me here to meet Mr right .

and i do apologies for this ramble in my mind i planed a short scientific way why it not real like how most animals dont do love and some people will be like what about penguins and my answer that why some are becoming extincted but my emotions some how took over which to be fare is rare .
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18-21, F
Jun 28, 2012