What ... Seriously?

Ok, so I have to get this off my chest somehow, and what better way than to blog out my frustrations.
So, love
The concept has been completely strange to me for as long as I can remember, and to make matters worse, everytime I tell someone that I don't believe in love they start singing the Beatle to me. I get the whole package: "if you've never been in love, then of course you don't understand it, you just have to believe," " true love exist, you just have to believe," "WWHHHYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" and my personal favourite, "just because you don't see love doesn't mean it doesn't exist, you just have to belive!!"
There are two problems with these scenarios.
1) I don't really understand the concept so the problem isn't just about me not believing in it. I've had four people try to explain it to me and, really, it sounds like the dumbest thing I've ever heard. I get the story about how your heart drops and you're just walking around smiling like an idiot. This was something I could actually relate to as I actually did have the same feeling once ... when I had a crush on a boy when I was twelve.
You're telling me that love feels like a twelve year old's fantasy?
Plus, it just doesn't seem worth it to me. I mean, I've had to clean up a few of my friends after their boyfriend's left them and it makes me not want to be anywhere around them, which makes them feel worse. All in all, even if I did believe in it, it's not worth it.
2) There's a reason i don't believe in love. Though I've never really believed in it, I didn't just wake up deciding to be cynical and pessimistic. It's not that I haven't seen proof of it, it's that I've seen ample proof of an absence of love. I could go on about a sob story (and get the annoying and customary "ah, that explains it!"), but I never wanted my experiences in life to justify or explain me. I'm me because I'm me and no other reason. Besides, everyone has a sob story, but that doesn't justify every action.

Another thing, every time I mention this, i get asked about parental love and best friend love. Do I believe in that? Sorry, no dice. How many times have I heard people say, "you know I love her because she's my sister (daughter), but I don't realy like her that much" or "I love him because he's my best friend and we have a past together, but I never really liked him." And no, I'm not talking about the times that people just et on each other's nerves, in fact I think that's a sign that you're comfortable enough with a person to trust that your relationship won't end with a disagreement. I'm talking about people who actually feel that way about those around them.

I just don't believe that two people can truly and unconditionally love each other.
chrysad chrysad
18-21, F
Dec 14, 2012