It's A Personal Definition And Not Reality

I really have gotten to realize "Love" is Solipsism.

We all have (Our) Own ideas of what it should "Mean" Because it all comes from (Our) Own Perceptions.

And everyone is always on a different Chemistry and Vibration on this Life.

It can not really be "Meant" By this "Yen & Yang" Diversity. That we all come by with such different Perspectives and the Definition's we all make of the Term "Love" is not really Reality.

One day we think we are in it. Then another Day comes and changes it all.

So? What I find about "Love" Is that we have only formed our own view of what it is to mean. When "Reality" it is always "Changing" our world around in our moods, emotions and state of being. And "Love" is not fitting with our changes we really do like in this Life.

We want it to mean "Immortality" or "Unconditional" and so much more.

But "Life" has to be "Conditional" or else we defy making our life's find Purpose at the begin with.

Love, is a moment of really being "Quixotic" And deceiving our own Interpretations for what we expect from "Love"

One moment it must be this Bliss and Attraction or then it is not, but being some kind of Altruistic. Which I think is only an Ego and Ignorance.

We would like to find yearning and harmony for this romantic attraction with compassion and concern with others and then in my mind trying to Define "Love" actually Distorts all our expectations from it.

When it all means many other things that (We) really want from this Term "Love".  Which is to many their own Interpretations they want from it.

It then becomes Taboo and not really the Outcome that we had expected for so long in this Life. It was Manipulation after All.
ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
Jan 19, 2013