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The notion of Romantic love is fiction and it always has been, from the ancients on until modern times. Poetic license. And the media thrives on it, giving kids and young people expectations that will only leave them bitter and disappointed. My experiences were with TV shows in the late 1960's that showed husbands hugging their wives, tucking them in, bringing home gifts and surprises for them, and crap like that. And that is what it is - crap. I'm over 50 years old and I've been married twice, I've been in a half dozen relationships, and I have never once - NOT ONCE - experienced any of this. Men don't care what we women have to say, what we're interested in, how we feel, what we need, or any of that. They couldn't care less! You know how to experience the feeling I call love? Pets! My dog and my cat. They love me unconditionally, they accept me for who I am, they never judge me, never criticize me, and I know without a doubt that they will always listen to me. Humans, particularly men, seem incapable of any of these things, so I can't fully trust them. If I can't trust them, how could I ever love them?
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What people call love is no more than an mental emotional attachment to another person or living being. I grew up with parents who had no attachment whatsoever to their children.
Later in life I tended to pick men that treated me the way my parents did. I was someone to cook, and clean for them and on occasion provide sex. I was nothing to them and if I had been laying in front of one of them dying any or all of them would have just told me to get up. Then he would have walked off.
I spent years blaming myself for their inability to care for anything but themselves. I thought that I was not worthy, or that there were multiple problems with my personality. The whole thing broke me.
I have been left with no self esteem, riddled with anxiety, and completely alone. No family and no friends.
I hope that is not happening to you. It is not your fault that those men dont care about anything but themselves. Hopefully someday you will meet someone who is capable of having good positive feelings for you and sharing those with you.