Two Is Enough

i once fell in love with this amassing guy and of course like every relation we had our ups and downs, but i loved been with him. one day me and my cousins wen to a party and they told me that he was talking bad about them, that he was saying that i said they got in my way that i did not need them and that they should just get away. I deleted him of Facebook, deleted his pictures, deleted his number, and i deleted him of my live. of course he called and said he was sorry i tried to forgive him but he did not really wanted me he just waned to **** me but i was not that stupid and I told him it was over agen. I never saw him agen. It toke me five months to get over a two month relation how stupid is that. Then my luck chained the week after i had gotten back to school i meat this wonderful guy. We had meant at a party we were both drunk but he was taking care of me. He did not try anything with me and he was a come pleat gentlemen. off course i gave him my number we text-ed and he asked me out i said yes. I was so happy. That same day my friend told me she was his cousin, she also told me not to trust him, that he was a player, he always used girls, and that he was not right fore me. I thought that she was just trying to protect me, but later on wen every knew, they told me the same thing to be careful, that he was just going to use me fore a wile i just ignore them i was happy and that was all that matter.Then after a month he dumped me fore no reason. then that same week he told me he was sorry and that he LOVED ME i was happy because i was still into him. then he asked me if i loved him, i asked him if it matter anymore and he said it does to me, so i told him yes that i still loved him. after that week we went back out and it seemed that everything was better but then he dumped me agen and i was sad fore a long time. I was also angry because he he told me loved me and i told him i loved him and he had just dumped agen. Of course we still talk and i love him more then ever. tomorrow is his birth day and today i gave him a Jose Cuervo (tekila) and we dranked two shots then he hugged me said thanks and i left i fell like crying just talking to him or been close to him makes me feel sad i love him. and now he is almost leaving for college and i need to stop loving him.
16mc 16mc
Feb 10, 2013