If You Are Thinking About It...don't Do It, Just Don't Do It

We have all been there, some of us are still wading in it's trenches. You meet a man/woman, the biology of the situation kicks in, you feel the warm fuzzies, you think you want this forever. Let me tell you folks on the fence some real ish, people don't stay the same forever. People change, and your picture-perfect vision of the happy forever can change with them. It's normal for people to change for better or worse...so I really don't quite get the folks who sing the song of "Humpf, well...you married him/her! You must have known about their defects up front! Your bad!" These people need to sit down in time out and have a cool drink. If you are one of them reading this, do so at once.

We all know people change. It's just part of life, and it's not fair to be chained to someone who maybe was once a barbie/bronzed god that has now evolved into something that vaguely resembles a human. No one says inevitable change like a few extra lbs. or wrinkles are a reason to DX your partner, but I am saying absolute disregard for their appearance when they once took pride in it (you know, when you were dating/newlywed) is off-putting. Poor personal hygiene is off-putting. No sex drive when they used to be a stallion/hot mamma, is off-putting. I think back to when I was younger...and I made plenty of errors don't get me wrong, but the single life was good. Exciting even.

One plus about this crappy marriage thing, is that I no longer look back in regret about my young and wild days. I'm eternally grateful for every piece of ding-a-ling I got my hot little hands and other bits on and upon. Because, it's a drought through here now. It's more than just pining for the youthful days you've lost, it's realizing that you've been sold a bill of goods and the person you married just 360'd you like *that*, and who are you married to anymore? A stranger?

If you are going to do it, females...get an emergency stash of ****** and vibes now. Men, get some love rub and a flesh-light...that is, if you want to be a good little mamby pamby like me and not "cheat". But if you think about it, a partner who changes up on you for the worse is the one who truly cheats in a relationship. They've cheated by false advertising and shadiness. Once they get you, they think they've got you and they don't have to try anymore. I wish I could sky write this message above every wedding chapel in the WORLD. Don't do it.
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1 Response Dec 7, 2012

bitter, aren't we? well i do understand, i'm divorced myself....it's just sad that people change so much or if they don't then other things change or people die or whatever....is it wishful thinking to hope that some loves last? I really don't know anymore